Jason Hope’s Quick Tech Tips on All Things IoT

The Internet-of-Things is basically the physical interface of the internet that users interact with when they are accessing information. This IoT can be anything from a credit card machine, a vending machine, or a kiosk. While most people typically think about the internet, they do not consider all the objects that are connected to it that communicate with each other. This is a vast network of devices that grows exponentially every year single year. Experts theorize that by 2020, there will be over 30 million different IoT devices worldwide. This is a considerable sum that has many wondering if they know enough about the technology portals around them.

Jason Hope has anticipated and answered that need with his new e-book, “Understanding the Internet-of-Things Revolution: A Quick Guide for Thriving in the IoT Era”. The book, which can be purchased on Amazon.com, is a wonderful resource into the world of IoT technology. With a projected market value of over 7 trillion dollars by 2020, the IoT is here to stay. Hope’s new book is aimed at teaching users about security and usage so that they can get the most out of their IoT experience. The first step to learning about any subject is understanding it. Hope does that by expanding on the benefits of the IoT as well as some of the potential dangers to it. He warns about harsh regulations and enforcement that could damage IoT. Hope has a lot of knowledge in the IoT because he is an avid user himself. He even has running shoes that are IoT enabled and report on his fitness habits. This concept translates very nicely into his work. Surely, Hope’s readers will come out with a very in-depth knowledge that puts them miles in front of their friends.

Hope, himself, has been in the technology industry for some time now. After graduating from Arizona State University, he found himself looking for a purpose. He started his own communications company shortly after that. The company flourished and eventually expanded to many more businesses. Today, Hope manages a very successful portfolio of companies. He has increased his knowledge in recent years to include information in the biotech industry. Hope is always looking for new ways to better himself and learn. His e-book is his way of giving back some of that knowledge to his readers and it is a great resource for novices and advanced users alike.

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Rocketship Education Blazes a New Path in Education

Rocketship Education is a unique brand of education because it does more than just the traditional models. Instead of taking 30 or so students and making them sit for an hour listening to a lecture, it does things much differently and much more effectively.

Rocketship Education is a public charter school system that looks to located in economically challenged neighborhoods where children do not have access to quality schools. One of the biggest keys to the success of Rocketship Education is the empowerment and involvement of parents in the educational process. Without that vital element, success in learning is very difficult indeed.

Rocketship Education bases its successful concept upon three main pillars of achievement. The first is the personalized learning model where each student develops a learning plan with the parents fully involved. Students begin with a generalized core of basic learning essentials such as English, math, and writing mastery. Then they branch out into more individualized areas.

The second pillar is talent development which helps the student identify and grow individual talents and abilities. The third pillar is parental power where parents see the objectives of a quality education for their children and how they can play a major role in helping that to happen.

There is an emphasis on basic learning from a general classroom concept which then breaks down into small groups where students can get more in detail to iron out any issues and problems. Then there are sessions that utilize digital learning using smartphones, laptops and tablets. Repetitive learning is very adaptable to digital and sequential learning that is ideal for children to progress on their own using computerized lessons.

Traits of life are also emphasized such as accountability, respect, and empathy. Other enrichment activities include art, nutrition, dance, music, gardening and more such activities that the students will treasure the rest of their lives.

When students are well-rounded they develop the facet of critical thinking where they are able to make choices on their own about their own well-being. The develop the core value of persistence where they will pursue an objective until they have it.

How Neurocore Addresses Depression And Other Mental Issues

Depression is a major issue that affects many people in the world. Almost 7% of American will experience depression each year and unfortunately many won’t seek out help. Those who do look for help often find that the treatment they receive results in a full remission of their depression.

One important thing for people to know about depression is that the signs you have it are not always all that obvious. There are a large range of symptoms including constant fatigue, increased irritability, weight gain or conversely weight loss, or just a general lack of interest in things that you once found quite interesting. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

Depression is the top cause of disability for those that are 15 to 44 years old. After stress and experiencing a crisis in their families depression rounds out the top three workplace issues. The cost of depression on the economy is staggering as it amounts to about $80 billion being lost due to lower productivity and healthcare costs to treat it.

The second leading cause of death for young people is suicide which can be a result of them being depressed. Even though this is a huge issue research into depression is not a priority in the United States. Research into depression only garners one penny on the dollar versus what goes into breast cancer research, for example.

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One company that has had great success helping those with depression is Neurocore. They have brain performance centers in two states, Michigan and Florida. they take a unique approach to treating depression and other neurological disorders. What they do is hook patients up to monitors that track their brain activity. The patient watches a movie and whenever they become disinterested the movie is stopped until the patient starts paying attention again. This retrains their brain in a healthy way to treat their conditions.

At Neurocore, beyond depression, they can help patients who have many other mental conditions. This includes anxiety, ADHD, and Autism. They also help those who have too much stress in their lives, migraines, or issues around sleep whether it is not being able to go to sleep or waking up throughout the night. Read more about Neurocore at glassdoor.com.

Twenty Three Layers Takes The Stress Out Of Event Planning

Planning something whether it be a birthday party, work party, or just a small get-together with friends is a rewarding experience. It’s also a very stressful experience. As the host of a party and the person responsible for all the planning, you typically want things to be perfect. It’s a lot of responsibility for just one person to take on. That’s why it’s important to have a plan and to know that you’ll be able to tackle whatever party planning endeavor that you’re taking on.


According to HGTV, you’ll want to stay on top of party planning by following a few simple steps. These include getting organized, creating a theme, keeping appetizers simple, and setting up a kids’ table. You’ll want to make sure that every last piece of the party is planned. This avoids any stress when a problem arises that you hadn’t thought of. HGTV also encourages that you keep settings simple! It’s not always necessary to go over the top with frills when it comes to setting the table. Opt for a basic color dish set and a fun colored napkin to keep things fresh. Also feel free to play with textures at the dinner table. Throughout the entire process, one of the most important things you can do is stay relaxed. If you’re upset, your guests will become upset.


When party planning becomes too much turn to the event planners who have the experience in planning memorable moments and parties. There are many event planning companies in NYC who have the experience and ambition but none come close to Twenty Three Layers. Twenty Three Layers is an event planning company that employs visionaries. Their team is able to manage events no matter what the scope may be. Their thoughtful execution, attention to detail, and creative concepts are the reason that their fan base and clients continue to grow.


When it comes to corporate event planners in NYC, Twenty Three Layers takes the pressure off of planning by making the entire process an incredibly relaxed and enjoyable experience. They take care of every last detail from the food and drinks to the decor and guest list.


Lori Senecal Shares Her Secrets For Successful Advertising

Global CEO Lori Senecal says she attributes her success to her older siblings, who provided her the inspiration to achieve her goals. While there were many bumps along the road, Lori Senecal was finally able to fulfill her dreams.

After graduating from college, Lori began a career in sales and marketing. She had the Midas touch and soon everything she touched turned to gold. Lori soon made a name for herself as a dedicated leader who brings out the best in her employees.

In 2003, Lori launched the young-adult marketing unit TAG Ideation. Armed with vast knowledge and innovative skills, Lori helped a number of global brands including Staples, Weight Watchers, Applebee’s, Xbox and Nabisco. Between 2005 and 2008, she served as Chief Marketing Officer for DBB Worldwide Communications Group. She was later promoted to run the entire marketing division. In 2009, she was appointed Chief Executive Officer of Kirshenbaum Bond and Partners.

Lori’s next move was to MDC Partners where she served as Chief Executive Officer and director. She also worked for Crispin, Porter and Bogusky. Visit Fast company to know more.

Lori’s achievements have garnered many awards including the Quantum Leap Award and the Most Creative People In Business Award in 2017.

Recently, Lori shared her ingenious method of creating compelling Facebook ads. Over the last five year, Facebook has grown by leaps and bounds. Optimizing Facebook through mobile sites. Business owners can advertise everything from restaurants to global chains with very effective results. The key to successful advertising is using the correct platform.

Lori suggest that any business owner looking to advertise on Facebook do the following: use captivating content, vivid colors, match brands with real people and create and experience. Lori says this way you can determine what is working and what is not. Once you find the best balance, you will reach your intended audience.

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A Deeper Look at Mark McKenna

An established medical doctor, Mark McKenna is based in Atlanta, Georgia. Immediately after completing his graduate studies, he became certified by the Florida Medical Examiners as a trained surgeon. Dr. Mark was born and brought up in New Orleans, La and he always had a passion in the medical field ever since he was a young child. He is married to Gianine McKenna and is known as a committed family man. Dr. Mark graduated from the famous Tulane University where he managed to earn his Bachelor’s Degree in Medicine and Surgery. When not practicing medicine, he enjoys practicing JiuJitsu and traveling.

Apart from being an accomplished and talented medical doctor, McKenna is also an established entrepreneur. According to him, his success as an entrepreneur comes from hanging out with individuals who are more intelligent. Immediately after he graduated, Dr. Mark went to work with his father who was also in the field of medicine. This experience helped him acquire a lot of expertise as a doctor. Mark is termed as a community servant who is dedicated. While still working with his medical father, Dr. Mark McKenna started a real estate development company known as McKenna Venture Investments. He managed to acquire a universal mortgage lending as well as a uptown title, Inc. Mark grew this company to become a large firm with more than 50 employees which offered services in finance, turnkey design-build as well as real estate closing.

Dr. Mark has in the past worked at OVME as a Chief Executive Officer. OVME is a medical aesthetic company that has reinvented elective healthcare. Dr. Mark has also worked at Lifetime Fitness Inc where he held the position of National Medical Director. Currently, Mark McKenna is involved with the Entrepreneurs Organization where he is a member. He has also been a member of the board at the New Orleans Jazz Festival and the New Orleans Industrial Development Board. Mark relocated to Atlanta. The mission of Dr. Mark in life is to offer comprehensive medical weight solutions together with other cutting-edge procedures as well as dietary counseling.

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