Highland Capital Management Founder James Dondero

James Dondero is a finance professional who co founded and manages the investment firm Highland Capital Management. He currently serves as the company president and therefore provides the day to day leadership of the company. During his career, James has established himself as an expert in the financial markets. Dondero regularly evaluates the latest trends in the finance industry and looks for opportunities that can greatly profit his firm. James worked for investment firms and held a number of positions that prepared him for eventually running his own financial services company. Within a decade, James expanded his firm to provide financial services that would improve the financial situation for a number of clients. He would also expand his firm to other parts of the world in an effort to grow his company.

Dondero first got an education before entering the financial services industry. He studied accounting and finance at the University of Virginia. James completed a bachelor’s degree in both of these subjects and established himself as one of the top students when he graduated. His educational experience provided him with the basic theoretical knowledge to begin a career in finance. Like a number of other college graduates, James went on to pursue his first job as a credit investment analyst. By holding this position, James would begin to build a track record of experience in the finance industry which would lead to more rewarding jobs in the future.

The finance career of James Dondero culminated when he was a fund manager for an investment firm. Dondero managed the assets of American Express which typically amounted to $2 billion. Like his experience as a credit analyst, James would use this experience to help him learn more about how to oversee large sums of money for investors. After working as a chief investment officer for a few years, James would then start up his own firm by the year 1990.

Throughout the 1990’s James would develop his firm into one of the most comprehensive in the industry. His firm would go from offering just life insurance policies to services such as financial advisory and wealth management. He would also begin to offer a number of products that would help investors grow their capital such as hedge funds. His firm would eventually offer collateralized loan obligations which enables it to become the first company to offer this other than banks.