The Rise And Success Of The OSI Group

One of the largest meat processors in America is OSI Group. Apart from America, the company has expanded to Europe and other nations of the world. It offers services of retail in the food sector.

It began as Otto & Sons in 1928 and after decades, it became OSI Group. Since then, the company has grown tremendously. In 2016, Forbes named it as the 58th largest private company. Its international headquarters are in Illinois, Chicago.

Plants are situated in Chicago, Iowa, Utah, Geneva, Wisconsin, California and Oakland among other locations. Food items created by OSI are categorized for breakfast, lunch, snacks, desserts, and dinner. Among the products from OSI group include pizza, hot dogs, vegetables, pork, dough products, poultry, and bacon. The company has also supplied to other restaurants such as Starbucks, Papa John’s Pizza, Subway, McDonald and Pizza Hut.

OSI Group does not work alone. It has partnered with other International food service entities. This effort has resulted to quality affordable foods for consumers around the world. The management has provided sufficient infrastructure and resources. This capability is for supporting people who want to produce and distribute food through this company. The drive of this company is entrepreneurship. It is a passion and source of agility for stakeholders.

As the company does its business, it has embraced corporate social responsibility. The leaders are concerned about how the business impacts the world. Sustainability is an approach of high priority for OSI Group. Protecting the environment and entire community is an obligation for businesses as well. As a result of sustainability, the company has won awards in health, environment management, and safety.

OSI Group has become large and successful through the leadership of Sheldon Lavin. He financed it when it was Otto & Sons. His leadership skills and strategies have expanded the business into the international scene. He is still the chairman and CEO of OSI.