Mike Baur and SSUF Offer Success to Young Entrepreneurs

Mike Baur is an example of a New Age business success story. He took his 20-year career in private banking and leveraged it into a new business concept, The Swiss Start-Up Factory. In case you haven’t noticed, the old business concepts and appearances complete with three piece suits and short hair styles have finally evolved. Now a sign of the new businessman is an absence of neckties. Mike Baur is a proponent of this new business style along with having established a background in business and business fundamentals. Baur has built the Swiss Start-Up Factory (SSUF) from the ground up. He is responsible for all the SSUF orientation, business structure, initial funding, and financing.

The Swiss Start-Up Factory was started in 2014 in Zurich, Switzerland. Baur took the idea of venture capitalization and turned it on its ear. By restructuring this area of venture capital funding, he has been able to offer all the necessary ingredients to business success, including funding, to those entrepreneurs who apply to the SSUF and are accepted into the program. Taking a start-up business and turning it into a functioning profitable business requires more than money and Baur felt his experience in the Swiss banking industry has given him the necessary skills to mentor young business groups and their business concepts. The SSUF runs a business accelerator program that gives the fledgling business organization the necessary services, funding, mentoring, coaching, office space in Zurich, and a network that Baur has developed over the 20 years of his banking career. The program lasts three months. For more information and to apply see the SSUF website: Click here

Baur and SSUF have produced a series of videos that detail the individuals in the program and their business concepts that are growing in success thanks to the collaboration with SSUF.

These young, dynamic individuals represent the future of our planet. Their business ideas will improve life and may lead to a planet where we can all be regarded as being from the same family, a place where war and poverty will no longer exist. Religion and politics have not brought us together as a common world family but maybe business can produce more than enough food to stop famine and give every family a reason to enjoy life.

Source: Get Inspired by the founders of Swiss StartUps