Jericho’s Newest Podcast, Beyond the Darkness

In the year 2000, Normal Pattiz was chosen by President Bill Clinton to perform as Broadcasting Board of Governors of the United States. He was then re-elected in 2002 by President George Bush. The Broadcasting Board of Governors are responsible for managing all broadcasting services that is nonmilitary. This includes Radio Free Europe, The Voice of America, Middle East Broadcasting, Radio Liberty, and many others.


Pattiz portfolio contains more than just broadcasting. He performs his duties as a official at the University of California, the chairperson of the Lawrence Livermore, and the chairman of Los Alamos National Security Labs. He is also an affiliate on the Pacific Council of International Relations and Foreign Relations.


Norman Pattiz was initiated into the Radio Hall of Fame in 2009. He received an award from the Library of American Broadcasting. The reward is called the Giants of Broadcasting. A year later, Pattiz created the Courtside Entertainment Group. His most recent announcement is the introduction of PodcastOne and its sales. PodcastOne is the leading podcast sales and marketing.


PodcastOne’s Newest Podcast


On December 19, 2016, Pattiz announced the birth of a new podcast, Beyond the Darkness. This podcast explores paranormal activity. Beyond the Darkness is airing on Chris Jericho’s podcast network, which is under the PodcastOne network. The podcast will feature numerous world-famous researchers and those that have experienced the paranormal phenomenon. It challenges listeners to rethink their opinions on everything; demons, aliens, ghouls, angels, miracles, encounters, ghost, and mysteries. The host and author of this podcast is Dave Schrader and Tim Dennis who is the radio producer. Every Monday new shows are released on PodcastOne.


Norman Pattiz stated that Chris has become a prominent asset to the PodcastOne team. Jericho started the Jericho Network collection that expanded beyond wrestling. Jericho has brought forth comedians and now dives into the paranormal world with “Beyond the Darkness.”


Chris Jericho says that he is excited and anxious to begin in the paranormal world with the show. Schrader and Dennis are the best of the best in the broadcasting of the paranormal and feel confident that this is going to expand their fan base.


PodcastOne is nationally known and the leader in the podcast network. It was founded by Pattiz who is also founder of Westwood One. PodcastOne host hundreds of today’s trending podcast. A few of these podcast includes Steve Austin, Dan Patrick, Chris Webber, Barstool Sports, Terry and Heather Dubrow, and numerous more.