Securus’ JLG Technologies Pioneers Prison Surveillance of Convicts’ Contacts

Securus’ JLG Technologies has long been considered an industry innovator of surveillance equipment for prisons. Their most recent software, Investigator Pro™ 4.0, is a voice recognition program that allows the surveillance officer to automatically scan all voice patterns during an inmate’s phone call, including the party whom the inmate is contacting. The entire system is then cross-checked for any other inmates who may be in contact with the same outside voice, during their phone calls. Alas, patterns can be quickly identified and further crimes can be subsequently averted. This software is considered by the company to constitute a major improvement over the past method of simple cataloging of inmate personal identification (PIN) codes before allowing phone calls.


Information that can be garnered by voice recognition includes a plethora of important items. Former inmate’s voices are immediately recognized by the system, helping prevent outside orchestration of crimes behind bars. Furthermore, such searchable voice characteristics can be combined with other analysis methods, including high-interest group network monitoring and sophisticated projections of potential crimes outside the prison, being influenced from within. While some critics believe that Investigator Pro is simply an unnecessary addition of costly prisoner surveillance, the chief operating officer of JLG Technologies, Michael Kester, excellently summarized the programs multifaceted capabilities by stating, “Investigator Pro helps investigators uncover gang-related, high-interest and other potentially nefarious activities by identifying called parties by voice.”

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FreedomPop Is Always The Best Choice For Phone Service At A Low Price

Unless a person has intimate knowledge about a company, they may not know about all of the services that the company provides. Those who don’t know about FreedomPop can feel free to read more about FreedomPop to explore the different services that they offer, but purchasing the services may be the only way for them to truly be able to testify about how great the services are. One of the first services that were ever provided by FreedomPop is the free cell phone service, which has been a great benefits to many who may not be financially able to pay for unlimited cell phone service.

Since FreedomPop started as a company, they’ve been offering free cell phone service and also graduated to adding unlimited cell phone service to their sales for as low as $20 per month. Even though the free cell phone service gives 200 minutes of talk time and 500 text messages as well as 500 MB of data, additional talk, text, and data can be added to any plan. Those that choose the unlimited plan for $20 can add additional 4G LTE data to the plan if they want it, and the fee is five dollars additional for each gigabyte of 4G LTE data.

Additional services can be added to any cell phone service plan from FreedomPop, including additional 4G LTE data, international calling, call blocking, and many other features. Many people look into the international calling plan because it’s low in price and allows them to speak with family members from around the world. Many other cell phone companies will charge a fee per minute each time a person makes a call from the cell phone to an international destination, but FreedomPop has great plans that are very low in cost for international calling.

Those who feel the need for Internet service can also benefit greatly from FreedomPop because they have Wi-Fi services, home Internet services, and portable hotspots available. The portable hotspots will boast 500 MB of free data every month and can be taken anywhere to access 4G LTE data. The home Internet service will boast 1 GB of free data every month and can have speeds up to 4G LTE. The Wi-Fi service costs five dollars on a monthly basis and is available in over 10 million different hotspots, but the FreedomPop Wi-Fi application must be obtained to access the Wi-Fi service. Learn more from this review.

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IAP Worldwide Logistic Company

IAP is an international Logistics company that offers management facilities and professional technical services. The company offers solutions to both private and public clients across the world. The companies have employed over 2000 skilled employees in more than 25 across the world. About a third of the IAP are veterans. The motive of hiring veterans to work for the company is to ensure there no issues with leadership and offer qualities services and products exceeding the clients’ needs.

The decision to hire veterans to be a part of the company seems to be working just fine as more customer’s feedback of the service they receive has been positive. Also, management of the company has not been tough since veterans are disciplined and this has kept the company ahead of all other logistics company in the world. In the year 2014, IAP Worldwide Services was acknowledged as the Veteran Company of the year.

IAP Worldwide hires a skilled workforce to ensure that the quality of the services they offer satisfies the clients. The company has employed a team that handles and solves critical problems. The team is flexible, creative and responsive.

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Other than meeting the needs of their clients, IAP Worldwide also focuses on making the world a better place by conserving the environment and strictly following the laws set up by the government on issues related to the environment like having all the buildings that the company owns certified by LEED. Examination of the projects before they kick-off so as find out whether it has an adverse impact on the environment and to the community living in the where they are to carry out a project. If the project has an impact, they find a way to avoid the impact.

IAP Worldwide Logistics Company also partners with other worldwide organization to better the lives of different communities as a way of giving back. Just recently the company partnered with United Way of Brevard, and they raised about $45000 to fund schools with the aim of improving the level of literacy in communities. IAP Worldwide has also been involved in other acts of charity to support less fortunate families in different communities.

According to the company’s performance and customer feedback and reviews, IAP Worldwide Services is the best logistics company. It has an extensive list of achievements. One of them being great customer relationship and also employer to employee relation.

Why Lip Balm Is Essential Part Of An Effective Skincare Routine

When you are invested in treating the skin on your face well incorporating the use of lip balm into your daily skincare routine is an absolute necessity. As Buzzfeed Beauty editor Essence Gant once reminded the listeners of the acclaimed podcast Another Round, your skin is a living, breathing organ. Maintaining its health requires attention and care and selecting an appropriate lip balm is one way of giving the skin on our lips the protection it needs.
We infuse our hair with the moisture it needs to be healthy with conditioner and keep the skin on our legs, knees, arms and feet from becoming parched by slathering lotion on it. Our lips are no different from other parts of our bodies with regard to their need for moisture and conditioning. When you are shopping for new lip balm it can be helpful to think of it as a moisturizer that is made specifically for your mouth. With that said it is important to look for lip balms that are formulated to be as moisturizing as possible rather than only making your mouth feel smooth.

In an article published on dermatologist Dr. Jessica Wu suggested that shoppers look for lip balms that include ingredients like coconut oil and shea butter. According to coconut oil can cause your skin to heal more quickly and help it to retain moisture. Shea butter is an excellent moisturizer because it has properties that mimic the natural oils that our bodies produce. It also has anti-inflammatory properties and can even reduce wrinkles. Lip balm enthusiasts will likely be very happy to learn that beauty brand Evolution of Smooth (a.k.a. eos) has a wide array of lip balms that have both coconut oil and shea butter in them. EOS lip balm products are found on Walmart, Amazon, Ulta and many other retail outlets.

Evolution of Smooth’s lip balm products have been designed to put the needs of young female consumers at the center. Eos developed the distinctive spherical packaging they are known for by listening to the needs of their customers. Market research uncovered that women wanted lip balms that wouldn’t be as easily misplaced as a tube of chapstick. To that end eos created the multi-colored balms that have made the company one of the leading lip balm brands. The product’s combination of shea butter and coconut oil make it a powerhouse for moisture.

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As the company has grown it has built upon the success of its ubiquitous lip balms by developing products that are similar but distinctive. The company now offers active protection smooth spheres that have SPF. These products are for consumers whose active lifestyle often takes them outside and exposes their skin to the sun. Eos has also developed the shimmer sphere line which provides all of the moisture of its original products with some color and shine.