Securus Is Saving Remarkable Amounts Of Time And Money With ConnectUs

For the longest time, corrections officers have been using the same time-consuming system of paper logging, filing, routing, archiving and so on. Securus Technologies has developed a far superior paperless system which streamlines the entire process saving time and money for correctional facilities to the tune of around 65%. That is quite a large amount of cost, paper and man hours shaved off by using this system.

Russell Roberts, the VP of Marketing and Strategy stated, “Securus is committed to continuously providing new technology and features for our customers.” Without the tediousness of the paper filing and submission system, correctional officers have much more valuable time to make sure that their facilities are as safe and secure as they can be. If you’re like me, then you’d want that to be the case as well.

All of us want our corrections facilities to operate at the optimal function possible. With this new system in place, inmates can have custom-made forms quickly and effectively processed in a fraction of the time and with no paper involved to get lost in the shuffle. With roughly over 13 forms being processed for each inmate per month, this is a welcome addition to any facility with the old systems still in place.

This also gives the inmates the ability to check on the status of their applications in real-time. Chief Kolitwenzew, of Kankakee County, stated, “The ConnectUs inmate forms and grievance application was the easiest to implement, our nurses love it, everyone loves it. We will save thousands of dollars on paper costs alone.”

Thanks to the technologies available today, more and more automation is taking the taxing paperwork out of the equation. For more comprehensive information on Securus Technologies, just click on the link here.

Doe Deere Creation of Lime Crime Galore Is Just Part of Her Entrepreneurial Story

Doe Deere is more than just a pretty face with colorful make up that you watch on Youtube videos, she is a savvy business woman and recognized entrepreneur. Due to the success of her exciting cosmetic brand Lime Crime Galore, Deere was designated as one of Self-Made magazines’ Top Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs. With a complete line of animal-friendly lipsticks, nail polishes and eye shadows presented in bold and richly pigmented colors, Lime Crime has developed a loyal international consumer base. In addition to running her business, she also mentors other women entrepreneurs, often advocating for women-owned businesses and speaking publicly at events about identity and aspiration as a female entrepreneur.

But Deere once stated that it wasn’t until she discovered theatrical cosmetic lines like Kryolan and Ben Nye that she became proficient at applying makeup. Until then, experimented quite a bit because she felt that she was pretty bad at it. Once she practiced and mastered makeup, Deere expanded her curiosities to know no boundaries. Glitter, rhinestones and other fun but uncommon accessories became a part of her experiments, and this is what ignited the explosion of her business. Her number of social media followers skyrocketed as her website traffic exploded from thousands of women viewed her website to watch her videos and read her blog.

The name of her brand, Lime Crime, was a internet handle she used back in 2004. She claimed it, not knowing the success it would have today. Looking back, Deere also did not realize what it was stand for today, which is going against the grain, revolutionizing color and being bold enough to “color outside the lines.” Lime Crime encourages consumers to enjoy playing with color and avoid taking yourself too seriously. Even still, the name Crime has been a blessing, making her company unique and easily found on Google.

Deere’s says that she was artistic and imaginative as a child, often experimenting with vibrant colors of clothes, make up and accessories and sketching bold and colorful drawings. Her first makeup experience, at nine years old, involved her applying most of her makeup crooked but yet colorful after experimenting with eyeshadow and lipstick. These childhood curiosities are what influenced her passion for her cosmetic brand. In fact, she affirms that cosmetics is a small part of the vibrant world of color that she represents. Well-known fashion visionaries like Dita von teese and Stella Rose also influence Deere her endeavors. When the time is right, she plans to reveal more of what her brand has to offer.

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George Soros Steps On The Political Stage Again

The American political season is one that begins roughly a year before the election. Americans have two parties. The Democrats have traditionally been the liberals while the Republicans have traditionally represented the conservative point of view. Those who observe the political sphere here often find themselves taking sides. Such is the case with George Soros. Soros grew up in Hungary and has chosen to make his home on the European continent. However, he has long been been a very close observer of the world political stage as well as his home in Europe. Soros has not hesitated to express his view of the entire world to others including his views on many nations in the European Union as well as nations in Asia and North America. It is with particular determination that he turns his attention as of late to the nation of the United States where the ongoing election has caught his attention.

Read this story at Politico about George Soros.

Helping The Democrats

Soros is one of the world’s men. His own personal fortune was made in the banking markets where his ability to predict market movement quickly became the stuff of legends on Bloomberg. Since that time, he has largely decided to retire from the fiscal markets and devote his time to his passion for politics. Soros’ latest passion in life on the political stage is that of the campaign of Hillary Clinton for president. Clinton is the first woman to head the top of the ticket in United States history. She is the former first lady and was in that post when her husband Bill Clinton took two terms in the office. Since his retirement from politics, his wife has increasingly assumed a primary role as one the standard bearers of the moderate wing of the Democratic party. Soros has donated millions to her present campaign for the office.

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His Own Campaign

As one of the most important voices in the world of finance in the last decade, Soros has been outspoken about his present views of the world. He was a victim of the Nazis and was forced to live under their rule as a small child solely because of his religious background. Since that time, George Soros has devoted his time to helping amass a fortune and also helping push what he feels is the right way to justice. In his opinion, this push needs to be about helping the Dems retain the presidency and avoiding the policies of Republican Donald Trump. He has been adamant that it is important for those in America not to vote for Trump as he does not like his viewpoint on many issues. He hopes that his help will be instrumental in avoiding the possibility of Trump Presidential win.

The Heldrich Is At The Center Of Loan Woes

Failures to repay loans could create a lot of problems for various parties. When a $20 million Casino Reinvestment Development Authority (CRDA) loan goes unpaid, a great many headaches were experienced all throughout New Jersey’s government and real estate sector. The Press of Atlantic City reports the Middlesex County Improvement Authority has not made $1 million in required principal and interest payments.
$1 million is only the most recent missed amount. The total amount that has been missed in payments is roughly $7 million.

The loan originated in 2005 and was designed to build a vaunted new hotel and conference center in New Brunswick. Dubbed The Heldrich, the hotel was developed by the New Brunswick Development Corporation (DEVCO).

The Heldrich was once considered a success in waiting. New Brunswick has been front and center in New Jersey’s successful tourist sector. Success, however, turned out to be elusive for The Heldrich. The hotel opened in 2007, one year before the 2008 market crash. Once the Great Recession set in, The Heldrich was placed in a very difficult position. The hotel has not been able to generate the necessary revenue required to pay its obligations.

Overall, DEVCO can point to a great many successes. DEVCO is nationally deemed one of the top companies that works on redevelopment projects. The recent Key Food Marketplace project is one great example of the type of successful projects DEVCO is involved.