Skout Contributes To Feeding Hungry

What makes me like Skout so much isn’t just the fact that I appreciate their application. Sure, it is a great application, and I have met a lot of fun people on their app, but Skout does something more than normal social media apps. Skout is giving back to their community, and they are inspiring their users to look into their hearts and get involved in the good deeds that Skout is doing. They recently launched this program to help feed the hungry in parts of Southern California. Skout chose to help people in their home city where the employees go to work and live.

Skout was founded in San Fransisco, and they have worked with the San Fransisco Marin Food Bank a few times now to help support the people in their community. It is a good deed to help others in need, and not every business makes these efforts. This is one of the major reasons that I tell other people to try Skout out for themselves.

What Is Skout All About?

When people want to make friends in their city, or if someone is traveling to a new city, Skout is the first place I would recommend someone to go. Making friends in your town can be hard. After school is over, or if you leave your job, you feel like you don’t have anyone to relate to anymore. Skout makes it easy to make friends on your mobile device by using their application. They have loads of features that allow you to communicate with people all over the world.

Skout recently launched a travel application that allows users to connect over long distances without the need to meet in person. You can always meet someone using Skout and build up a relationship with them before you visit their city.

Skout’s Charitable Act

PR Newswire wrote an article about Skout where they showed some of the most charitable acts that Skout has done recently. As mentioned earlier, Skout decided to launch the charitable event to help feed the hungry. They did this by creating a special gift that users could purchase. Users purchase gifts to give to other users. The gift proceeds went towards feeding 20,000 hungry people in San Fransisco and Marin County. To read the original article from PR Newswire, a trusted source in new information, go to this link.