Securus Technologies’ Recent Successful Developments

Securus Technologies has made recent outstanding developments in its software and technology system. The company’s main location is in Dallas, Texas State and it serves most North America law enforcement facilities and inmates.

Securus technologies’ products and servicesSecurus Technologies is well known for developing software that offers technology solutions to the criminal and civil justice. Their products provide inmate phone calls and services, video services and email services that ensure public safety, inmate communication monitoring, corrections, investigations and connections between inmates and their families. Their products include a video visitation app and programs that enable jail voicemail service, texting and online services.

Securus Technologies governing theme is ‘connecting what matters.’ Their products and services serve and connect through provision of public information, managing information, conducting biometric analysis, investigations, provision of swift emergency response, management of incidences and through provision of communication channels. These services ensure the world is safe and that the justice system is efficient.

Recent developments
The new Securus Video Visit Mobile app has received massive acknowledgement and success since its launch. The app was launched about 7 months ago and it has been downloaded many times. It was first launched in Android enabled mobile devices and had a total of about 60,000 downloads. Last month, the Video Visit mobile app was launched in Apple devices and within one week, the app had been downloaded approximately 5,000 times. The app is now available on the App store and Google play store.

The Vice President of Marketing and Strategy, Russell Roberts said that, “Securus’ Video Visit mobile app represents another way we Serve and Connect, connecting family and friends with an easier, more convenient way to visit the incarcerated loved ones.” The app provides a mobile and more convenient option to the usually rigid visitation process. It enables families to make video calls to their incarcerated relatives using Apple and Android mobile devices.

Securus video visitation allows a person to either pre-schedule an onsite visit or make a video call from the comfort of your home. The At-Home visitation eliminates the need to travel for a visit and allows you quality time with your incarcerated loved ones. The Onsite video visitation allows you to schedule your visit in advance so that you don’t have to go through long queues in the facility to secure a visit.

Securus Technologies has expanded its portfolio and it develops and manages more than 800 products. Their new developments of more safety, security and efficient products have led them to add a top senior sales executive to develop High Tech, Software-Based Sales Team. John Bell joined the Securus leadership team as the Senior Vice President of Sales.

Securus Technologies is not in any way affiliated with the website Securus America nor the health supplement called Securus.