How QNET Brings Opportunity to Women

QNET answers the call of the emerging number of women who would love to explore entrepreneurship while developing a home life. Women of today desire work-life balance and look for options that will provide that key benefit. QNET has been a proponent for women in the entrepreneurial world and addresses this by providing positions as a member of their direct sales team. Women currently make up 74.4% of their workforce. As Independent Representatives for the company, women are learning leadership, marketing and sells skills, which are essential in entrepreneurship. Such a role allows flexibility and freedom as well as empowerment. According to QNET’s Glassdoor reviews their employees are quite happy at the company.

Working for QNET is an opportunity for women achieve goals and be a part of a community that encourages women to be leaders. While the company is supportive of the advancement of women, they are also benefiting by their hiring choice. The reason for the high percentage of their mostly female sales team is also because women fit their brand. According to Khaled Diab, regional general manager, women offer a nurturing nature that contributes to the promotion and purchasing of their products. As the products are for women, offering an array of products including cosmetics, jewelry, and clothing, QNET enjoys having women as the face of their company. QNET is a Hong Kong based company that uses direct sales to distribute their products to an international client base. The company is managed by the QIGroup. QNET started in 1998 as a merchant of gold coins, then expanded to offering luxury and leisure items and services such as travel and vacation. Some of their featured products include weight management, energy enhancement, fashion accessories, education opportunities and technology products and solutions. They currently have markets around the world, including United Arab Emirates, the Philippines, Egypt and Rwanda. They also have franchises companies in India and Egypt.

The company is deemed the United Nations of direct selling. With a market across the world, they are able to work with other entities including the Martina Hingis and Manchester Football Club. They are a part of several associations including the Hong Kong Health and Food Association and the Direct Selling Association in Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines. QNET is also involved in various humanitarian efforts. They are a part of the United Nations Global Compact Network. QNET recently teamed up with the Lions Club International for charity efforts. They donated a kidney dialysis unit to the Shirdi Sai Hospital in Devasandra, Bangalore.

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