Doe Deere Changes the Landscape of Fashion

The fashion and beauty industry has been a place involving strict rules for people to follow. In a world that should be more accepting of all kinds of beauty and expression the industry tends to accept only one strict version of what fashion really is. True beauty is located within and that is where Doe Deere takes the restrictions accepted by the industry and turns them on their head. Her company Lime Crime is the vehicle she uses to change the rules and allow each lady to be themselves. It is the unique combinations of bright colors and interesting shades that have led to the company being labeled as makeup for unicorns. That is one of the very best descriptions because it separates Doe Deere and her products from the noise of the rest of the industry. Here are some of the rules that Doe Deere likes to break.

The fashion industry has always had a rule that a person should only wear one bold area at a time. Either eyes or lips are the usual culprits. Heavy eyes are combined with light lips or vise versa, but Deere suggests breaking this rule because she feels that nothing is more expressive than creating a totally bold facial expressions with both eyes and lips popping. She sees this as an opportunity to display your inner sense of fun and adventure. Deere is a makeup guru and when she advises bold colors, you wear bold colors and that will totally refresh your look and allow you to express yourself.

When it comes to mixing colors the industry states that you should not mix too many different colors in your appearance. This is a rule that Doe Deere throws out the window. If you have a jazzy outgoing feeling then you can use a multitude of colors that will not get in the way of your fashion statement but allow you to look totally unique, fun and sexy. Doe Deere believes a solid display of color. These are the types of practices that make Lime Crime the place to get makeup for those who want to stand out from the crowd. Deere suggests that color coordination is the simple trick for pulling off the multiple color look. She practices the same thing with makeup and hair as well. Hot pink an lavender or peach and periwinkle are two of her favorites. It is important not to put limits on what you like based on the opinions of the industry.

The rules are definitely something that Doe Deere and Lime Crime have thrown out the window because nobody can tell you what feels good to you. When you feel good about yourself there isn’t anything you can’t do. That is the freedom and expression that the supporters of Lime Crime have come to expect. Their world is of bright colors and interesting patterns that some in the fashion industry might shy away from, but Doe Deere embraces them fully and completely. It is in this way that the landscape of what is acceptable and attractive has been changed forever and that is a good thing.

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