Buying High Quality Dog Food Is Well Worth It

Premium Dog Foods That You Can Trust
There have been many speculative observations regarding the methods and ingredients that pet food companies use to make our dog foods. The recent insurgence of pet owners that are health conscious about their own lifestyles has lead these people to care more about what their pets eat. When I got my dog that was one of my main concerns. I want to be sure that the company that makes my dog food is using ingredients that are right for my dog. In an article by The Daily Herald, the information that we have all been waiting for regarding the ingredients that make up our dogs’ food has been answered. In this article, there are direct quotes from leaders of manufacturing companies and factories that speak directly to the high quality of ingredients and the actual taste of the dog food.
One of the managers actually tastes some of it himself, and his comments are worth acknowledging because he indicated that the dog food was good enough tasting for people to eat. I care so much about my dog’s health and I want him to be happy with the taste of his food. That is why I always choose to buy high quality brands of dog food. I trust the folks at Beneful. They are made by Purina, who also has online applications for customers to create their own blends of dog food. They use real ingredients in their foods. When you read the labels you will often seen “real chicken” or “real beef” or other real ingredients. It sets my mind at ease knowing that my dog is being fed the right food.
The kind of food I prefer to buy for my dog is the wet food that Beneful makes. It is called Chopped Blends, and it comes in a delectable texture that my dog enjoys. Beneful have 20 varieties of it, and my dog has tried nearly all of them. He loves the ones with chicken the best, so I always make sure to have some available for him.

Meeting Tonka for the First Times

Last month I bought my first dog I have ever had on my own. I had a few growing up, but it was not the same as going to the humane society and picking out my very own life companion. It was a very special day for me to say the least. The dog I picked I checked out on wikipedia was a boxer/lab mix and he came with the name Tonka. The name fitted him perfectly as he has very broad shoulders and a rather muscular look in general. Bringing him home was not the hard part of the process. The hard part was deciding on what to feed this massive pup and what else he would need to be comfortable at his new home. After making a few phone calls and doing some online research on the best foods for big dogs, there was only one solution and that was Beneful. I have yet to hear one bad review so far and all of my family swears by that one particular brand. My first trip to the pet store I picked him up Beneful’s Healthy Weight, Incredibites, Beneful Originals with real beef and last but not least, the old fashioned Beneful Dry Food. I decided I would try the healthy weight brand first to see if it would help Tonka maintain a steady weight. This way he would not become obese. For the one month I have had him, his weights been great and he has shown me nothing but love, playfulness and compassion.