The Strides that Fabletics is making under the leadership of Don Ressler

One of the challenging fields for investors happens to be fashion. With fashion, when you are able to get the right balance and invest in the products that will be on demand, your brand becomes an instant hit. On the other hand, if mistakes are made in figuring out what the people want, you might incur serious losses. This is the kind of situation that the CEO of Fabletics, Don Ressler had to deal with when the team decided they wanted to invest in fashion. He went into the venture together with his friend, Adam Goldenberg and their small online shop has now become a venture worth millions of dollars and still growing.

Getting the investment idea
Innovation is normally the core of every enterprise. For Don Ressler, the acumen for coming up with ideas that become hits is something that comes naturally. The decision to go online and create a fashion brand was from some of the issues that he had noted about the fashion industry on general in He states that he was always puzzled by the fact that people called the online stores self service, but in reality, it is the retailer that decided the brands they were going to make part of their stock and the customers had to choose from what was available. Adam Goldenberg wanted to give the customers the opportunity to create the fashion that they wanted from scratch.

From the moment the idea hit the market, it was a hit. Currently, when a person wants to create an interesting fashion item, all they need to do is get to the site, use the software on the site to create the specifications that they want for their products and order for the product. The company creates the clothing item according to the directions and sends it to the consumer. Six years after the company was started, their success is very evident.

There are many other factors that have aided the success of the idea. The first is the endorsements that the brand has received from the industry giants. Celebrities like Kimora Lee Simmons, Elle Fowler and Avril Lavigne have all formed partnerships with the brand. Matrix Partners and Rho Ventures have contributed more than $100 million towards the success of the company according to The company and their products have a heavy following among the millenials and with the type of momentum they are gaining; it is easy to see that things will get even better for them.

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WEN By Chaz Customer Satisfaction And Ease Of Use

When looking for a reliable hair conditioner, you’re probably interested in all the small print from ingredients to directions for use. But how do you really know if a conditioner is right for you? Just about all conditioners claim to give your hair fantastic results, but not all of them deliver in the way they’re sold. But WEN by Chaz is one that is highly reviewed and can give you a great feeling of shiny and smooth hair that stays together without getting tangled or frizzy. To prove it, one user tested it themselves and wrote all about it at

This user had always had issues with messy hair that needed something different to treat it. So she decided to give Wen hair conditioner a spin, and when she applied it to her hair in the shower she started noticing an amazing effect on her hair that cleaned and smoothed it and didn’t leave large strands on the shower floor. Once dried her hair had a nice smooth and soft feel to it that few other conditioners had. She did say that it worked best if she showered in the mornings and also would wear off if it wasn’t used every day, but aside from that it delivered great results.

WEN by Chaz is a unique brand sold online ( ) and through a few brick and mortar stores such as Sephora, and it was started by cosmetologist Chaz Dean. Chaz initially wanted to become a photographer, but as he captured his images he found himself fascinated with hair styles. So he then went to a cosmetology school to become a proficient hairstylist and while doing so experimented and created a fantastic conditioner and shampoo formula. Chaz Dean uses his products at his salon and many celebrities love it. To find out more about WEN by Chaz products, visit



Tony Petrello Presents Nabors With His Skills

Tony Petrello has a B.S as well as an M.S degree from Yale University in Mathematics and also a J.D degree from the Havard Law School. In 1991 he took the role of the Executive Committee at Nabors as well as the Board of Directors at the company.

From 1991 to October 2011 respectively Petrello became chief operating officer and president at the firm. Starting October 201 he was the chief executive officer and also president. Tony Petrello is also in charge of tactical planning initiative and guiding so that the organization can go further in developing.

Before Tony Petrello became part of Nabors, he worked at McKenzie and Baker law firm from 1979 to 1991. He was put at the branch’s law firm at New York where he was the managing partner. Furthermore, at Hilcorp Energy Company and Stewart and Stevenson LLC he was a director. At Texas Children’s Hospital he is a board member of Trustees. He pursues his law skills as an advocate for clinical services and research so that he can help kids suffering from neurological illnesses.

Tony Petrello’s 2015 Fiscal year compensation statement is as follows; the whole amount he compensated was a total of $27,512,939 million. Out of this, his salary was a sum of $1,580,077, the amount he got as a bonus was $7,727,000, the money given to him of stock was $16,863,656 and last the rest of the compensation totaled up to $1,342,206.

Nabors Industries is the top organization in the United States for providing offshore drilling rigs. It basically provides the biggest land-based drilling gear in the world. And in the oil and gas industries the company supplies inventive technologies, directional drilling facilities and presentation tools. Their services are well modified to work all over the world and as a result their professionals keep working hard for an incredible development.

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Equities First Holdings Experiences Rapid International Growth

Equities First Holdings is known for providing clients with different financing packages from 2002, giving capital against traded publicly marketed stock while engaging clients to cater for their individual and professional targets. EFH offers organizations and people with capital upon their mutual public shares all over the globe. The firm has completed more than 700 trades and oversaw more than $1.4 billion USD in records to the present time. The worldwide association, Equities First Holdings operates in not less than nine countries including the wholly operated auxiliaries Equities First Limited situated based in London, Equities First Holdings Hong Kong Ltd, Equities First Holdings Singapore Ltd and Equities First Holdings within Australia.

The organization works in establishing beneficial alternative crediting solutions for organizations and people with colossal measures of assets who look for non-reason capital. EFH gives securities-based crediting associations on future operational dangers that are related with bonds, stocks & treasuries. Equities First Holdings was started in 2002 with its key headquarters at Indianapolis, Indiana. Another satellite office is situated in New York City.

EFH secured its change in 2013 by joining forces with Meridian Equity Partners, which is a worldwide venture and admonitory association situated in London and Sydney. The organization likewise has opened different working offices in Hong Kong, Singapore, Jakarta & Bangkok. With the objective to build its worldwide administrations, by 2013, the organization had expanded its work force by no less than half.

In like way, EFH extended its base camp at the Market Tower in Indianapolis, amidst 2013, expanding its functions & venture administrations. Its group of specialist is set up to give unfathomable venture management, client operations and related services. Today, Equities First Holdings (EFH) has kept adding to its operations with the firm experiencing brisk development. All the more in this way, EFH appreciates dependable partnership with other companies that include the law firms, leading global and local jurisdictions and biggest world banks.

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FreedomPop: The Best Service For Frugal Consumers

Since the beginning of the internet days, when people had to wait for their dial up to work, consumers have paid billions of dollars to stay connected to the rest of the world. Even with the invention of Wi-Fi, which allows consumers to feed off of mobile hotspots for free, the internet industry is still thriving, charging people an arm and a leg for internet service.



For the past five years however, there has been an internet company that is breaking all the rules. FreedomPop offers a legitimate free internet service place, and has been upsetting the mobile/internet service model since its founding.



While FreedomPop’s services may not be ideal for everyone, the company offers quite a few outstanding plans that fit most budgets and consumers’ needs. Their absolutely free cell phone service is their biggest claim to fame. It gives members 500MB of data in a 4G Sprint network. In addition, it allows for unlimited texting and 200 voice minutes. Not only is this plan free, but FreedomPop also doesn’t require customers to sign any contracts, does not charge cancellation fees, and does not surprise customers with those end-of-the-month-random fees.



A lot of people will burn through 500MB pretty fast, but for those who could be classified as “light data users,” it’s the perfect plan. When a customer is nearing the end of their 500MB/per month data, Freedompop automatically charges a “top up” fee of $10 to extend the data. Customers can always opt of this automatic charge every month. This free plan is also only free for one year, but only $10.99 each month after the year is up.



FreedomPop has many other service plans. For $5 a month, customers can get their Wi-Fi calling option which allows the customer to use more than 10 million hotspots all over the nation to get their voice, data, and text. This option is great for those in cities; not so great for those in more rural areas.



For $10.99 each month, customers can receive unlimited talk and text, with 500MB of data. This plan also allows the consumer to choose whether they use the mobile network or Wi-Fi. This plan also includes the automatic “top up.” For $20 each month, FreedomPop offers their “unlimited everything” plan, which seems to be their most popular. The only hitch in this plan is that if a consumer uses more than 1GB of data, the available data speed will decrease from 4G to 3G.



FreedomPop also offers internet-only options and allows consumers to bring their own devices (as long as they are Sprint-compatible). As one of the most frugal options out there, it is easy to see why so many consumers are flocking to FreedomPop.




Chris Burch understands the importance of mixing technology with fashion

The fashion, in addition to the technology genre have endured countless variations, since their very start. These two genres have grown, similarly in harmony. All through the 1970’s, the arrival of a fairly ungainly electronic innovation normally recognized as a “boom box,” gave individuals the autonomy to have a mode of revealing their musical interests on the fly and gave power to individuals to reveal those musical interests to those around them, as they walked down the city streets. As time expanded into the coming decade, the innovation was revealed in a series of TV programs and film as a retail item of global interest. Right through the time of the 90’s, the innovation had micronized to allow for securing onto the individual’s waistline. Inside merely ten years time, the innovation had further micronized that it was easy to fit within a closed hand. Scores of people believe this micronization and portability increase of the innovation to be because of the force of fashion.


Today, individuals can obtain engadgets that are associated with fashion in a variety of diverse ways. Some innovators have fashioned protective garbs, such as an incorporated airbag construction that is placed around the person’s neck. The airbag may then be activated for a person, if they come upon an accident, guaranteeing that their neck sustains minimal damage. This fashionable innovation is seen as being preferable to putting on a helmet to conceal the neck and head areas, because a helmet radically reduces the wearer’s visibility in contrast to an item of clothing worn on the neck of the individual. An additional intriguing and trendy instance of marrying garments with tools is the arrival of gloves that are employed by firefighters. The gloves help firefighters talk with each other promptly and with no difficulty using hand motions to communicate using prerecorded instructions, such as relaying to another firefighter to hastily vacate the vicinity or that a site is now safe.


These forms of innovation are the forte of Chris Burch. He is famed as a designer in several projects. Mr. Chris Burch is considered a “power brander,” who uses his knowledge that extends to many consumer products, clothes and technology.


Chris Burch’s production dealings commenced in the 1970’s while enrolled at Ithaca University. Mr. Burch originated the undertaking Eagle’s Eye fashion with basically $2,000, which cultivated to $165 million.

The Rise Of Fabletics: Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg’s Retail Baby

Noted Actress Kate Hudson has a passion for fitness and fashion. Combining these together she came up with the idea of an online store that would sell fashionable fitness wear and at an affordable price unlike the products then on the market on Over the last three years her company, Fabletics, has become international in scale with over 1 million members and thousands of employees. As a complement to its online store on, there are now Fabletics brick and mortar stores popping up across the nation. So far there have been 18 stores opened and additional locations are set to open in the coming years. Fabletics has boosted the parent company of the brand, TechStyle, into a billion dollar valuation.

The co-CEO’s of TechStyle, Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg, commented on their relationship with Hudson in saying that her influence as a style icon and athlete has given them a strong marketing value. The combination of their e-commerce knowledge and Hudson’s fashion expertise has boosted the brand’s power in competing against long-standing brands like Nike and Under Armour. There are four principals that are guiding the company on its path to success at; vertical integration, creating personal relationships with its members, giving customers a reason to return on a regular basis, and improving as the company grows.

Don Ressler has said that he’s always had a passion for fitness and has been a lifelong athlete. He understands where Hudson is coming from because he too practically lives in athletic wear. He also saw where athletic wear wasn’t very fashionable and was very overpriced so he saw a great opportunity to disrupt the market and change that.

Ressler said that one of the next steps for TechStyle is opening a men’s line of fashionable athletic wear, FL2. Don Ressler said the target market is everyday men that want to have clothing that looks good, is comfortable, reasonably priced, and have top performance and quality. FL2 will complement Fabletics well and both brands should see great success.

Securus nabs Better Business Bureau’s highest award

Securus Technologies, the leading provider of prison communications services in the U.S., has recently received another feather for its already well-adorned hat. The country’s largest inmate communications company said in a press release that it had received an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, the highest possible award from that organization.


This comes on the heels of numerous other awards, such as the 2017 Stevie Awards, that Securus has won in recent memory for its industry-leading customer service and innovative technologies. But the best reward is that which the market itself has bestowed. Today, there is no other company that even comes close to Securus in the number of patents, investment in new technologies or number of customers and institutions served. With over 25 million inmates and their families served by Securus in a typical year, the company has catapulted itself from relative unknown to industry torch bearer in a matter of a decade.



Still room to grow


Despite all these successes, Securus is not content to rest on its laurels. The company has been charging forward with an aggressive PR campaign to inform inmates and their family members about the gigantic benefits of video visitation. While Securus has had great success in getting its VoIP-based video visitation technology adopted in prisons throughout the United States, it still says that there are many who are using the old system of public switched telephone networks. These have costs that many still do not fully appreciate.


One of the largest sources of savings with video visitation, versus the old system, is for families who, as a result of video visitation, no longer require driving hours to a prison for an in-person visitation. The savings go beyond money. Being immersed in the prison environment for the first time often proves a traumatic experience for those with no experience of the brutalities of the criminal justice system. Securus has solved these issues.



Thor Halvorssen Serves as a Model of What a Single Person can Accomplish

Thor Leonardo Halvorssen Mendoza is a writer, producer, actor. Most importantly, Thor Halvorssen is a determined human rights activist. Thor is the president of the Human Rights Foundation. Thor Halvorssen’s views and opinions have been featured of various media outlets including The Washington Post, The New York Times, Time Magazine, HBO Fox News and many more. He is active in a number of organizations who work for similar causes.

He currently the president of the Human Rights Foundation. The Human Rights Foundation is an organization that aims to protect and promote human rights all over the world. He is the executive director and CEO of The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education. Thor founded the Oslo Freedom Forum which is a gathering for peace seekers and human rights activists.

Halvorssen has ran various campaigns against social injustice. He is not afraid to speak his mind. In 1999 he spoke at a Lucent Technologies shareholder meeting about the use of slave labor for products produced in China. He speaks it audiences at different colleges including the prestigious Harvard University. He even has been a speaker at the United Nations Association.

Thor Halvorssen recently spoke out against Cuba after the government arrested the artist El Sexto, then later international attorney Kimberly Motley, and artist Gorki Aguila. Thor Halverson stated, “This outrageous abuse is the sad reality of Cuba’s ongoing totalitarianism. Thor is highly motivated to fight for human rights. His high level of involvement should serve as a model of what can be done by a single determined individual.

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Getting Reliable Online Reputation Management

In online reputation management, regular searches are run to check for credibility of a company and to explore the web content of those mentions.

Online reputation management is used by businesses and professionals to shape the way they are seen online. It involves seeking referrals, interacting with individuals online, creating positive referrals and content, and dealing with negative material found online. A number of companies which includes, supply this service for a charge and some companies maintain an online reputation management department in their public relations department, with several full-time staff members responsible for managing the firm’s presentation online.

At the same time, an online reputation management company might scour the internet to locate positive, authentic testimonials concerning your organization, products or business. If there is currently a huge number of unfavorable reviews or posts regarding your company online, an online reputation management firm will assist you find methods to make use of authentic, favorable reviews as well as content to enhance your positions, save your online reputation, and develop consumer confidence.

As social networking and user-generated web content exploded, online reputation management ended up being a progressively pressing worry for many people and firms in the public eye. The ability to conveniently generate content, often on sites particularly designed for reviews and discussion of product or services, indicated that both delighted and upset clients can rapidly reach a large audience with their thoughts and comments regarding companies and individuals. Firms that cannot keep track of the way they were being portrayed on the Internet can definitely find themselves in trouble.

In online reputation management, normal searches are conducted to look for conversations about a business and to discover the web content of those discussions. Businesses typically want to promote positive references, while hiding unfavorable ones by addressing them or overwhelming them with favorable ones, when possible. The use of online reputation management allows firms to immediately connect and engage with irate or unhappy consumers to fix their issues, boosting customer service while maintaining their credibility online. Lots of firms utilize social networking platforms to communicate directly with customers.