Rapid Rollout in the UK as Honey Birdette Launches Its US E-Commerce Section

Australian luxury lingerie company, Honey Birdette launched its e-commerce site in the US with the aim of serving its clients better. It also has plans underway to increase the three stores it has in the UK to at least 40 by the need of 2018. The brand began in 2006 as its founder Eloise Monaghan tried to meet the needs of a unique target client who wanted a good quality type of lingerie. The e-commerce section in the US market was a result of a response to the exploding demand, which saw the company’s sales increase 374% in online sales. The Ecommerce Avenue is the way to serve clients better by ensuring timely service delivery, easy returns in case of complaints and an extended product range for all customers.

The company also has plans underway the main target being the US market but first, it plans to start by expanding its UK market from three stores to at least 40 by the end of 2018. The first time the company opened its first store outside Australia was in London’s Convent Garden early last year. The second and the third stores were then opened in Westfield white city and Leeds Victoria gate. The next stores are targeting areas such as Westfield Stratford, Newcastle, Leeds, and Liverpool among other areas. The company has a target of reaching other prime locations around Europe as a way of increasing their sales and promoting the company’s expansion.

About Honey Birdette
This company was first launched in 2006. Its founder is Eloise Monaghan. The idea of a unique and luxury lingerie line came about because of a chat she had with a friend over dinner.

There was a need to supply the right kind of bedroom lingerie. Quality and class were missing in most of the provisions available in the market. This was the best way to meet these needs.

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The Rise of Honey Birdette

Any company with “we love making your bedroom happy” as their mission statement must be successful. Each delicious boutique and online site offers a variety of beautiful lingerie ensembles and adult themed toys for the adventurous. There’s a name and story behind every sexy outfit.

Their founder provides boutiques, an online website, Pinterest page, and Facebook. Consumers can easily access any form of the brand at their leisure. Still have questions about the brand or products? Feel free to reach out to their friendly staff by email or join the VIP list for regular updates.

Honey Birdette is here for your every request. Since their beginnings in 2006 by young entrepreneur Eloise Monaghan, these boutiques have been building and growing consistently. This Brisbane founded company has finally launched its US e-commerce site. After a 374 % increase in online US sales over the last year, the decision was made to expand. The aim is to enhance the experience of US consumers by easier returns, faster delivery and extended product range. If this wasn’t enough good news for the US, there is talk of plans for US retail openings.

Aside from the US market, Honey Birdette is looking to take the UK portfolio from their current three stores to a whopping forty by the end of 2018.There are fifty five stores in Australia where it’s first boutique was born. Last year the first Honey Birdette was opened outside of its home market, in London’s Covent Garden. Two more London locations shortly followed suit. By the end of next year, ten more locations will be added to the UK list. Not to mention, there are prospects of plans for more premium boutiques around Europe. I can’t wait to see where this sensual brand will go from here.

Beneful Healthy Weight Shows Dogs They Are Cared About

Beneful Healthy Weight dog food has good ingredients at the heart of the food’s recipe. The number one ingredient in this recipe is real chickens that are raised on farms. It is blended with vegetables as well as whole grains until it is just perfect. It has 100% nutrition that owners and veterinarians will love as well as 100% taste the dogs will absolutely love! It also has 10% fewer calories than what is found in the Beneful Originals that is made with real beef.

This healthy weight food will help dogs stay in an ideal weight range while also helping owners stay within their budgets! It is not only affordable, but made with healthy ingredients to give furry friends the best nutrition they can receive. The flavors of the real chicken, the whole grains and the vegetables will give dogs the tastes that they really crave, making sure that they will definitely enjoy it and love it! While it is packed with a lot of flavor, it will also help to maintain that healthy weight that the veterinarian recommends.

A large part of this recipe blend is the fact that there is no additional added sugar. This is important as added sugar is not healthy for anyone! The chicken helps dogs be able to get in some protein to help them build as well as maintain lean muscle, helping them not only achieve and maintain a healthy weight but also helping them to have the energy they once lost! With accents of real vegetables and fruits such as apples, green beans and carrots, this not only provides dogs with wholesome goodness but also with variety and excitement in their dry dog food! Show dogs that they are thought about and cared for with Beneful Healthy Weight food, that will give them 100% nutrition as well as flavor!

Jason Hope Bats for Internet of Things and Explains Its Benefits

Jason Hope, the entrepreneur and investor in modern technologies, bats for the Internet of Things (IoT) and explains that it can be hugely beneficial for the humankind. He sees IoT as a new wave in the tech industry that can drive advancement in technology and humanity. Hope says that it would change the way how the businesses operate, and people would able to manage themselves better using the technology and what Jason knows.

Jason Hope further sees that all the major tech firms are investing on the advancement of IoT and expects a day with all the conceivable devices get connected each other. While many see it as a smart option for the time being, it will become a requirement in future. Though firms fight for a significant share of the IoT technology, the ones who provide better utility to consumers will win the race. The technology would remove plenty of waste and turn the lives smarter and efficient. It can equally be useful in both rural areas and urban areas, though, some think that it is more useful in cities.

Hope is also a technology writer and philanthropist based in Scottsdale, Arizona. He is a keen investor in mobile technology businesses and looking for opportunities to leverage new technologies.

Jason completed his Bachelor of Science in Finance from Arizona State University. Later, he did his MBA from W. P. Carey School of Business – Arizona State University. Hope is also known for his philanthropic initiatives, and he associates with SENS Foundation which is working on anti-aging as he wanted to ensure longer and better quality life for everyone.

Talk Fusion CEO Bob Reina Understands Importance of Giving Back

Talk Fusion was established by CEO Bob Reina back in 2007 as a solution to the ever growing video marketing world. Reina accurately predicted just how important the video marketing industry would become and it has been this foresight that has led him to so much success. Talk Fusion’s growth has been in large part to Reina’s ability to constantly innovate and, within that innovation, give back to the communities that are in need or have supported him. Today let’s talk about how Bob Reina is turning Talk Fusion into one of the premier philanthropic companies in the world.


There are many different ways to give back to the needy, especially when you run a company as successful as Talk Fusion. We believe that one of Reina’s biggest accomplishments was his ability to blend giving back with doing business and that’s what brings us to the topic of our focus: the Talk Fusion Charity Account. The Talk Fusion Charity Account is a new offering that is available through the Talk Fusion website. The charity account is modeled after Talk Fusion’s popular ‘custom monthly plan’ and it comes with all of the same features: Live Meetings, Video Newsletters, Video Email, and Video Chat. The big difference here is that the charity account can be tied to a charity of choice, chosen by the associate who makes the account deal.


Stepping away from Talk Fusion as an entity we can analyze Bob Reina as a person. Bob Reina firmly believes in the core thought, “With great success comes greater responsibility.” Reina knows how important his work with Talk Fusion is and he furthermore knows how important it is that he gives back to those less fortunate. It is this mindset and this maturity that has brought Reina to donating to numerous endeavors. Reina has already signed a record breaking $1 million check to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay, to start things off. Reina has also given to Indonesian orphanages, tsunami relief funds, and even relief funds for victims of the Nepal earthquake — among many other charities that are out there.


Lori Senecal’s Way of Attracting the First Customer

One of the hardest aspects of business is attracting the first customer. Once someone has attracted his first customer, then he is going to be able to attract other customers depending on how well he works with them. Lori Senecal is someone who has attracted her first customer by being discovered by him. One thing that she has said was the way that her customer found her was her knowledge of her strengths and weaknesses. She had a reputation of knowing what strengths she had and where she has fallen short. Self-knowledge is actually a valuable trait given that a lot of people are not aware of themselves.

Another aspect of Lori Senecal is that she is someone who is willing to take on challenges. After all, she has learned to not stay in her comfort zone for too long. She is always someone that wants to grow and gain new skills so that she can help her business grow and gain even greater success. Given that she is an introvert, she has had to learn a lot about interacting with people while not getting drained from the interaction. For introverts, people who have a lot of interaction tend to find their energies at a lower level. Too much interaction can cause an introvert to feel drained.

According to Adage, Lori Senecal has taken the time to learn about her strengths so that she will be able to handle all of the demands of running a business, especially in the advertising industry. One thing that she has seen is that efficiency is very powerful in advertising. She works diligently in the field in coming up with all of the solutions to challenges that her clients are faced with. Therefore, businesses are going to see a lot of return on their investments into the ad campaigns.

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Hussain Sajwani Has Guided DAMAC To Prominence And Huge Charitable Giving

For almost thirty years, certain entrepreneurs and companies from the Middle East have adopted a western style of investment and financing. This trend has coincided well with world market fluctuations, capital trends, and the involvement of the United States military and its needs. DAMAC, founded by Dubai billionaire Hussain Sajwani, is one of the most successful corporations in this very profitable circle.

Hussain Sajwani started a food service company in the late 1980s. That company was carefully managed by Mr. Sajwani, and became a contract favorite of the US military as it engaged in conflicts starting with Desert Storm under the first Bush administration.

As a close ally, Dubai entrepreneurs like Sajwani were poised to make great profits providing food service and catering to allied partners. Along with a real estate boom in Dubai, DAMAC grew into one of the most financially solid corporations in the Arab world.

Hussain Sajwani attributes the success of DAMAC and its ventures to the concentration of remaining constantly liquid in a financial climate that extols the availability of credit and speculation. Read more: DAMAC Chairman Relishes His Roots

Through real estate market ups and downs, along with increasing political tensions, DAMAC has retained a position of prominence. Its large cash holdings have created the potential for large initial public offerings of its satellite companies through stock in the world’s largest trading arenas.

As a venturing entrepreneur, Hussain has been able to use the immense success of the DAMAC name to form ties with important financial entities all over the world. He has even been able to partner with real estate developers in the United States in the creation of some of the most extravagant and popular golf resort and hotel sites.

While many of his investment partners remain private some, like newly-elected US President Donald Trump, are open about their equitable partnership with one of Dubai’s most prolific financial figures.

DAMAC is not only a large property investment firm, but a recognized name in humanitarian efforts. CEO Hussain Sajwani is adamant about his company continuing to be a positive force in the world.

DAMAC is currently involved with charities like the Ramadan Initiative, which provides clothing for needy children throughout the UAE, and its allied regions. As one of the world’s largest real estate developers, this conglomerate has been guided by Hussain Sajwani to take a vested interest in the welfare of the world’s youth.

A single donation by this company in October of 2011 helped provide clothing and essentials to more than 50,000 children.

How Duda Melzer Demonstrates What It Takes to Succeed

Many people have started businesses. However, they did not have what it takes to succeed. One of the reasons behind this is that they did not really take the time to think things through. They did not think about the type of business they are going to run. They also did not think about everything that they are going to need in order to make sure that they are going to not only be successful as a business, but possibly grow their business. Duda of Website, For people that are thinking about starting their business, the most important thing to have is a business plan.

Duda Melzer is someone who has thought everything through when it comes to his business. For one thing, he has looked at himself and has thought about what he could handle and what he couldn’t handle. Then he has thought about the type of industry that he wants to be a part of. Then he has put a lot of thought into everything that he can do. Eventually, he was ready to proceed in a way that is very organized so that he will be able to move forward. Among the things that he has demonstrated was time management. For one thing, he did not have a lot of room for distractions and read full article.

In order to succeed as an entrepreneur, one has to be very assertive. People who are not constantly working and moving forward will be more vulnerable to setbacks. As a matter of fact, one of the best things that could be done is work almost obsessively on the goals that they are trying to accomplish. His Twitter, Then once they manage to accomplish their goals, then they could relax. Duda Melzer has worked very diligently on learning what needs to be done for his business and then taking these steps.

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Tim Armour A Strong Economic Leader In America

Warren Buffett is betting $1 million that he can make better investment returns than a group of experienced hedge fund managers, by only investing in S&P 500. The bet will be decided and if he wins, the $1 million will go to charity. Mr. Buffett has been a strong supporter of bottom-up investing. Buffett is dedicated to making Americans aware that they need to save more for retirement and become investors.

Buffett recommends low cost investments that are bought and held for a lengthy term. Warren Buffett has spent his life rigorously examining companies and building a lengthy portfolio. While nobody can predict the future, focusing on low expenses and high manager ownership can help find premiere fund managers.

Timothy Armour is a equity portfolio manager in Los Angeles. He has 32 years of investment experience at Capital Group. Armour earned a bachelor’s degree in economics from Middlebury College. He previously was employed as an equity investment analyst at Capital Group, where Tim Armour covered global telecommunications and American companies.

When it comes to the U.S. economy, Armour believes it is not growing as strongly as many expected it to be. China’s economy was the only one to remain strong during the financial crisis.

Smooth Lips For the Win

Those little spherical lip balms in the check-out lines of Target and Costco are EOS – or Evolution of Smooth – brand. They’re rather popular, and for a good reason. They’re meant to help keep lips smooth, sweet-smelling, and amazing. They’re constantly releasing new flavors, and some of the new flavors are meant to specifically keep lips silky smooth. They’re gaining popularity fast.

One of these EOS lip balm flavors is a vanilla mint. Instead of a single colored pod, the vanilla mint comes in a light and dark blue striped pod. When it is opened for the first time, it gives off a sweet vanilla with a mint undertone. The same kind of tingling felt when applying the classic sweet mint is felt with this particular lip balm as well. The vanilla and mint balance each other out to offer a scent that no one can hate.

Another silky smooth flavor is called coconut milk. This one comes in a pink and white striped pod, again doing away with the typical single colored pod. Unlike the vanilla mint, it has a much softer, almost non-existent scent. The scent has an undertone of coconut, however. For fans of coconut anything, this lip balm is a guaranteed favorite. This one has a particularly strong coconut taste to it – which any fan of coconut desserts will love. Since coconut is known for its abilities to keep things smooth, it’s no wonder that coconut milk is a flavor.

Both of these new flavors are meant to do the same things as the classic ones. They are designed to keep lips silky smooth. This is the one part that makes them different from the classics. Since they are designed to keep lips smooth – more so than the classics – they have been formulated to help do just that.

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