The Rise Of Fabletics: Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg’s Retail Baby

Noted Actress Kate Hudson has a passion for fitness and fashion. Combining these together she came up with the idea of an online store that would sell fashionable fitness wear and at an affordable price unlike the products then on the market on Over the last three years her company, Fabletics, has become international in scale with over 1 million members and thousands of employees. As a complement to its online store on, there are now Fabletics brick and mortar stores popping up across the nation. So far there have been 18 stores opened and additional locations are set to open in the coming years. Fabletics has boosted the parent company of the brand, TechStyle, into a billion dollar valuation.

The co-CEO’s of TechStyle, Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg, commented on their relationship with Hudson in saying that her influence as a style icon and athlete has given them a strong marketing value. The combination of their e-commerce knowledge and Hudson’s fashion expertise has boosted the brand’s power in competing against long-standing brands like Nike and Under Armour. There are four principals that are guiding the company on its path to success at; vertical integration, creating personal relationships with its members, giving customers a reason to return on a regular basis, and improving as the company grows.

Don Ressler has said that he’s always had a passion for fitness and has been a lifelong athlete. He understands where Hudson is coming from because he too practically lives in athletic wear. He also saw where athletic wear wasn’t very fashionable and was very overpriced so he saw a great opportunity to disrupt the market and change that.

Ressler said that one of the next steps for TechStyle is opening a men’s line of fashionable athletic wear, FL2. Don Ressler said the target market is everyday men that want to have clothing that looks good, is comfortable, reasonably priced, and have top performance and quality. FL2 will complement Fabletics well and both brands should see great success.

Securus nabs Better Business Bureau’s highest award

Securus Technologies, the leading provider of prison communications services in the U.S., has recently received another feather for its already well-adorned hat. The country’s largest inmate communications company said in a press release that it had received an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, the highest possible award from that organization.


This comes on the heels of numerous other awards, such as the 2017 Stevie Awards, that Securus has won in recent memory for its industry-leading customer service and innovative technologies. But the best reward is that which the market itself has bestowed. Today, there is no other company that even comes close to Securus in the number of patents, investment in new technologies or number of customers and institutions served. With over 25 million inmates and their families served by Securus in a typical year, the company has catapulted itself from relative unknown to industry torch bearer in a matter of a decade.



Still room to grow


Despite all these successes, Securus is not content to rest on its laurels. The company has been charging forward with an aggressive PR campaign to inform inmates and their family members about the gigantic benefits of video visitation. While Securus has had great success in getting its VoIP-based video visitation technology adopted in prisons throughout the United States, it still says that there are many who are using the old system of public switched telephone networks. These have costs that many still do not fully appreciate.


One of the largest sources of savings with video visitation, versus the old system, is for families who, as a result of video visitation, no longer require driving hours to a prison for an in-person visitation. The savings go beyond money. Being immersed in the prison environment for the first time often proves a traumatic experience for those with no experience of the brutalities of the criminal justice system. Securus has solved these issues.



Thor Halvorssen Serves as a Model of What a Single Person can Accomplish

Thor Leonardo Halvorssen Mendoza is a writer, producer, actor. Most importantly, Thor Halvorssen is a determined human rights activist. Thor is the president of the Human Rights Foundation. Thor Halvorssen’s views and opinions have been featured of various media outlets including The Washington Post, The New York Times, Time Magazine, HBO Fox News and many more. He is active in a number of organizations who work for similar causes.

He currently the president of the Human Rights Foundation. The Human Rights Foundation is an organization that aims to protect and promote human rights all over the world. He is the executive director and CEO of The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education. Thor founded the Oslo Freedom Forum which is a gathering for peace seekers and human rights activists.

Halvorssen has ran various campaigns against social injustice. He is not afraid to speak his mind. In 1999 he spoke at a Lucent Technologies shareholder meeting about the use of slave labor for products produced in China. He speaks it audiences at different colleges including the prestigious Harvard University. He even has been a speaker at the United Nations Association.

Thor Halvorssen recently spoke out against Cuba after the government arrested the artist El Sexto, then later international attorney Kimberly Motley, and artist Gorki Aguila. Thor Halverson stated, “This outrageous abuse is the sad reality of Cuba’s ongoing totalitarianism. Thor is highly motivated to fight for human rights. His high level of involvement should serve as a model of what can be done by a single determined individual.

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Getting Reliable Online Reputation Management

In online reputation management, regular searches are run to check for credibility of a company and to explore the web content of those mentions.

Online reputation management is used by businesses and professionals to shape the way they are seen online. It involves seeking referrals, interacting with individuals online, creating positive referrals and content, and dealing with negative material found online. A number of companies which includes, supply this service for a charge and some companies maintain an online reputation management department in their public relations department, with several full-time staff members responsible for managing the firm’s presentation online.

At the same time, an online reputation management company might scour the internet to locate positive, authentic testimonials concerning your organization, products or business. If there is currently a huge number of unfavorable reviews or posts regarding your company online, an online reputation management firm will assist you find methods to make use of authentic, favorable reviews as well as content to enhance your positions, save your online reputation, and develop consumer confidence.

As social networking and user-generated web content exploded, online reputation management ended up being a progressively pressing worry for many people and firms in the public eye. The ability to conveniently generate content, often on sites particularly designed for reviews and discussion of product or services, indicated that both delighted and upset clients can rapidly reach a large audience with their thoughts and comments regarding companies and individuals. Firms that cannot keep track of the way they were being portrayed on the Internet can definitely find themselves in trouble.

In online reputation management, normal searches are conducted to look for conversations about a business and to discover the web content of those discussions. Businesses typically want to promote positive references, while hiding unfavorable ones by addressing them or overwhelming them with favorable ones, when possible. The use of online reputation management allows firms to immediately connect and engage with irate or unhappy consumers to fix their issues, boosting customer service while maintaining their credibility online. Lots of firms utilize social networking platforms to communicate directly with customers.


The Sunny Plumber is a Ray of Sunshine

Customers cannot stop talking about their sunny experiences with The Sunny Plumber. Which means that business owner, Kenneth D. Goodrich, has accomplished what he set out to do. The thirty year veteran in the industry began as a boy helping out his father by simply holding the flashlight to bring some light to the situation. After purchasing a plumbing company, The Sunny Plumber came into existence. In choosing the right moniker, Goodrich wanted a name that represented a “friendly company that people would be happy doing business with.” The Sunny Plumber company is now in Phoenix, Tucson, Las Vegas, and Carona, California.

According to, The Sunny Plumber hires only highly skilled and experienced plumbers who can service and repair existing plumbing as well as contract out for brand new residential or commercial construction. The company is fully bonded and insured, have an A+ rating from the BBB’s strict standard of accreditation, which includes; trust, honesty in advertising, honoring promises, and safeguarding customer privacy. Their past customers can attest to this rating as shown in their reviews. With many different, and sometimes emergency plumbing issues, The Sunny Plumber showed themselves as prompt, efficient, and maintained a personal cleanliness. Their no pressure sales style was appreciated by customers who weren’t bombarded with recommendations to purchase unwanted or unneeded materials. Also appreciated was the fact that they were readily available to fix any problems and stood by their word.

The Sunny Plumber not only services and repairs pipes and drains, they sell water treatment systems, conventional water heater and tank-less heaters. They can pinpoint leaky pipes, flush drains, and assess any plumbing issue. Their website: has live chat available to help ascertain what you might need to keep your home safe and comfortable. You can also find them on Facebook and twitter with some interviews, reviews, and home DIY projects.


Get The Secrets To Financial Freedom With A Great Distance Learning Course

Imagine the fruit of your labor being able to say goodbye to your boss and leaving a high end lifestyle. Jim Hunt, a successful financial strategist and advisor offers real secrets the stock market has hidden from you. In fact, his course lists some secrets the big financial institutions on don’t want you to know. He offers secrets to biblical wealth through his course and much more. His success started with the Wealth Wave course that has been used by thousands of successful business owners around the world. He has also helped many Fortune 500 companies on PRNewsChannel pioneer their dreams.

Hunt speaks openly and candidly about the need for individuals to make smart financial decisions. Often times, people don’t make sound decisions about their finances and end up working for someone else for the entirety of their working years. You can be your own boss by starting a business or an easy start-up company. Through his VTA Publications course he gives you unconventional ways of investing in the stock market. Instead of, investing when the market is doing good, you can invest in a downward spiraling stock market and still make a gain. Hunt’s VTA Publications course offers over 5,600+ strategies and complete tuition assistance to those who need it.

He also offers advise in VTA Publications on how to become a tax free millionaire. Hunt used this technique to make his mum a tax free millionaire and then reporting the results on his YouTube channel. However, he plans to do so, in under ten trades. He is well known and respected for his precise accuracy of the stock market and thousands of people have used his strategies and have rebuilt or create wealth on Hunt does more than try to get his clients rich by giving them support on their path to financial freedom. You never have to worry about being on your own because Jim Hunt is readily available through his YouTube channel, VTA Publications, and his Wealth Wave course.

Discover the benefits of having a resourceful financial map that allows you to buy a new home, car, or save money. Hunt would like to invite you to become a member today by visiting the VTA website.

Who is Texas Super Doctor: Dr. Jennifer Walden?

Who is Doctor Jennifer Walden?


Dr. Jennifer Walden is one of the few cosmetic surgeons good enough to be called one of Texas’ Super Doctors. She has been noted as one of the top twenty-four plastic surgeons in the United States. You can also add business owner to her many admired titles as she owns her own cosmetic surgery practice and satellite office. Dr. Jennifer Walden is a doctor, plastic surgeon, and author. Dr. Walden has co-authored books on a subject near and dear to her heart, cosmetic surgery. She is also a member of many elite professional organizations. Among her memberships are The American Association of Plastic Surgeons and the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Dr. Walden is also a member of the board of directors for The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. She was also an instructor while residing in New York.



Her education began with her training at The University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston Texas. Walden subsequently worked as an ear, nose, and throat doctor in New York before ultimately moving back to Austin Texas where she was born and raised.

The talented Austin doctor currently provides many cosmetic procedures at her Westlake and Marble Falls (satellite) offices. Her primary focus is on improving the lives of women. She therefore concentrates on cosmetic procedures. These services range from rhinoplasty to breast augmentation and face lifts to liposuction.




While this short synopsis of Dr. Jennifer Walden’s life and career provides an overview of her amazing life and practice, it is only that, an overview. There is so much more to Dr. Jennifer Walden, doctor, author, business owner, and quite possibly to the women she serves, friend.

Enjoy Smooth Lips Lips During Any Season

Evolution of Smooth, which is mainly known as EOS lip balms, are an original, adorable, and unique sphere shaped case in numerous vibrant colors. There are many different amazing flavors to choose from and its deep effect of moisturizing and hydrating the lips makes this lip balm an instant favorite of many across the world. The lip balm is affordably priced and its hydrating effects are caused by the natural ingredients such as shea butter and jojoba oil.

Different temperatures and climates can cause the lips to lose their natural moisture, especially during the cold winter months. The Vitamin E that is contained in EOS lip balm helps keeps the lips hydrated by nourishing and protecting the lips as well as sealing in the moisture. On top of the hydrating effects, these lip balms also have numerous other benefits such as different medicament’s, different flavors, and sunscreen.

EOS has numerous flavors to choose from. Some of the favorites are Pomegranate Raspberry, Summer Fruit, and Sweet Mint. During the summer time, the light and fruity flavors, such as Summer Fruit and Pomegranate Raspberry, are especially appealing. When it is nice and warm out and all you want to do is sit by the pool with a nice cold drink, a flavor like Summer Fruit is perfect for keeping your lips protected from the sun and hydrated. During the cold winter months, Sweet Mint is a perfect choice. The mint gives your lips a little bit of a tingle and it is a warming effect in the cold, harsh weather. See,

But don’t take our word for it, try any of the many flavors for yourself! Head on over to the EOS website or to take a look at the different lip balms and the different flavors and pick your favorite to try out. Also check out the official EOS Facebook page  for more details.


Jericho’s Newest Podcast, Beyond the Darkness

In the year 2000, Normal Pattiz was chosen by President Bill Clinton to perform as Broadcasting Board of Governors of the United States. He was then re-elected in 2002 by President George Bush. The Broadcasting Board of Governors are responsible for managing all broadcasting services that is nonmilitary. This includes Radio Free Europe, The Voice of America, Middle East Broadcasting, Radio Liberty, and many others.


Pattiz portfolio contains more than just broadcasting. He performs his duties as a official at the University of California, the chairperson of the Lawrence Livermore, and the chairman of Los Alamos National Security Labs. He is also an affiliate on the Pacific Council of International Relations and Foreign Relations.


Norman Pattiz was initiated into the Radio Hall of Fame in 2009. He received an award from the Library of American Broadcasting. The reward is called the Giants of Broadcasting. A year later, Pattiz created the Courtside Entertainment Group. His most recent announcement is the introduction of PodcastOne and its sales. PodcastOne is the leading podcast sales and marketing.


PodcastOne’s Newest Podcast


On December 19, 2016, Pattiz announced the birth of a new podcast, Beyond the Darkness. This podcast explores paranormal activity. Beyond the Darkness is airing on Chris Jericho’s podcast network, which is under the PodcastOne network. The podcast will feature numerous world-famous researchers and those that have experienced the paranormal phenomenon. It challenges listeners to rethink their opinions on everything; demons, aliens, ghouls, angels, miracles, encounters, ghost, and mysteries. The host and author of this podcast is Dave Schrader and Tim Dennis who is the radio producer. Every Monday new shows are released on PodcastOne.


Norman Pattiz stated that Chris has become a prominent asset to the PodcastOne team. Jericho started the Jericho Network collection that expanded beyond wrestling. Jericho has brought forth comedians and now dives into the paranormal world with “Beyond the Darkness.”


Chris Jericho says that he is excited and anxious to begin in the paranormal world with the show. Schrader and Dennis are the best of the best in the broadcasting of the paranormal and feel confident that this is going to expand their fan base.


PodcastOne is nationally known and the leader in the podcast network. It was founded by Pattiz who is also founder of Westwood One. PodcastOne host hundreds of today’s trending podcast. A few of these podcast includes Steve Austin, Dan Patrick, Chris Webber, Barstool Sports, Terry and Heather Dubrow, and numerous more.

Securus Technologies Exposes Inaccurate GTL Press Release

Securus Technologies recently answered GTL’s claims that a federal patent board ruled in GTL’s favor, making it possible for GTL sue Securus for patent infringement related to its video visitation system used in correctional facilities. According to GTL, the patent in question, known as Patent 816, was upheld and the decision paves the way for GTL to take Securus to court for the supposed infringement. However, Securus Technologies recently released a statement disputing these fabricated claims.


Securus pointed out that the appeals panel in no way validated GTL’s patent. On the contrary, the stay that the court issued makes it impossible for GTL to move forward with their claim, and Securus is confident that they are not using any GTL-patented technologies. Securus further asserted that that GTL is not in currently in a position to seek any kind of injunction or damages and that this case could take years for the courts to resolve. In the press release, Securus questions why GTL would undertake such a costly effort, especially when the patents involved are questionable and in any case no infringements of these patents is taking place.


Securus Technologies is a major consulting and contracting firm providing services to correctional facilities across North America. Based in Dallas, Texas, Securus has been helping to make prisons safer for two decades.