Sam Jejurikar is an All-Roind Plastic Surgeon in Dallas

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar is a great plastic surgeon in Dallas, Texas. He is a board-certified surgeon and a member of a prominent Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute. He is mainly concerned with cosmetic surgery of the nose, eyes, face, breast and the body. Sam Jejurikar has vast experience, and he has undertaken intensive training in the art of plastic surgery. His primary goal is to help his clients attain their taste and preferences. He is kind-hearted with warmth and sensitivity that comes from his love towards his career and mastery of his art.

Sam Jejurikar has a great commitment towards offering his clients or patients the most recent, innovative approaches to their aesthetic and reconstructive plastic surgery requirements. He struggles to ensure that every one of his patients gets maximum satisfaction out of his services. This is regardless of whether they want to look younger or alter their looks all together. Sameer discovers that every patient is different in his or her way. He has a caring heart and has perfect attention-to-detail as well as a great love for his career. These characters help him to design both surgical and non-invasive solutions that map his clients’ needs and requirement.

Sam Jejuricar underwent special formal training that enabled him to gain incredible skills that makes him unique and special from the others. He has also played a part in various medical missions inclusive of an annual trip aimed at helping Bangladesh impoverished children through the help of Smile Bangladesh organization. Dr. Sameer Jejurikar is always proud of helping the less fortunate regardless of whether they are from Dallas, Plano, other neighboring community or internationally. He practices the entire field of plastic surgery. However, he mostly emphasizes on cosmetic surgery procedures such as breast augmentation, mommy makeup, tummy tuck, rhinoplasty, liposuction, and face-lift. He also handles reconstructive surgery, microsurgery and hand surgery.

Robert Ivy on joining professional bodies

Once someone has chosen their career path, it’s important to join a professional body that is affiliated with your profession. This comes with a number of advantages that we will look at below. These professional bodies give their members an opportunity to network and at the same time enable members to access some of their other advantages. The AIA is the professional body for architects in America. Its CEO Robert Ivy graduated from the Tulane University and has won numerous awards over his career. He is also a published author having written the “Fay Jones Architect” which showcase his works and was first published in 2001. The AIA offers its members the following advantages. Read more about Robert Ivy at Tulane School of Architecture website.


In recent times it has become increasingly important to be a member of a professional body. This stems from the fact that most offer professional credibility. Professional organizations in most cases will vet any new member to assert that they indeed have the qualifications they claim to have. This vetting process will be comprehensive and will likely wind out any phoneys. This credibility is bound to add some weight on your resume and its something that Robert Ivy states could easily set you apart during an interview. Visit Archinect to know more about Robert Ivy.

Education Resources.

Most professional bodies, including the AIA retain a treasure trove of educational resources. These are in most cases, available to members, including original research and can be a good source of knowledge for all.


When it comes to networking in any profession, there isn’t a better place to start than a professional body. Members understand the language you speak and as such are more likely to assist as opposed to trying to network in random places. Robert Ivy notes that the AIA offers its members events that encourage networking and will in most cases involve architects from all over the country.


As Robert Ivy puts it, there is no better place to hear about openings and opportunities than among people who are searching for similar positions. Some organizations have also been known to send recruiters to these networking events. While in other cases, senior members in organizations will take recommendations from their peers who are members of professional bodies.


OSI Group Improves its Toledo Poultry Plant to Counter the High Rising Demand of Poultry Products

OSI Group is a company, which is involved in production and supply of beef, poultry, pork, and farm products to name but a few. In the line of continuous growth in the market, OSI made some improvements in the Toledo poultry production plant in 2017. The development would help the plant produce about 24,000 tons, which is double of the previous production. The aim of improving the plant is to counter the chicken products demand from Spain and Portugal markets. Not only did the process improve output but also created more jobs and hence improving the economy.

Among the features that were either added in the plant included refrigeration improvement, products storage facilities, shipping dispatch areas, and oil storage facilities. Other additional facilities included the Nitrogen and hot water points, which are very important during slaughtering. Most importantly, a social area for employees was established to help them exchange ideas as well as raise opinions and suggestions thus boosting their productivity. In its continuous policy of high-quality production, OSI added a testing kitchen in the plant run by a Product Development Manager. Some features added to the plant aimed at lowering electricity consumption. An example is a heat produced by refrigerators and generating systems will be recycled through heating of water. The company installed or improved Firefighting equipment and surveillance cameras to improve safety.

Through the creation of jobs in Spain, OSI Food Solution a subsidiary of OSI Group received an award from the chamber of commerce in Toledo. OSI Food Solutions holds environmental, food safety systems certifications, and social accreditation. OSI received a boost of 1.5 Million Euros to improve its agricultural ventures. Both the CEO Sheldon Lavin and President David McDonald spearhead the consistent progress in OSI Group’s developments. The two have taken parts in the company’s diversification processes in a very professional manner. Since Mr. Lavin joined OSI Group in 1970 in the days of Otto & Sons, the company has expanded its foreign market through his sharp strategies. He is an industrialist with over 40 years’ experience. McDonald’s, the President who also doubles as the Chief Operations Officer is not new in the company because David started working with OSI Group in 1987 immediately after his graduation. He brought in experience he gained during his tenure in North America’s meat market. His efforts as the group’s Project Manager contributed to steady production in all the company’s branches.

End Citizens United Gets Big Boost From Viral Video

End Citizens United has picked the right guy in Texas. Beto O’Rourke is a rising star after a fiery and passionate speech went viral. O’Rourke is currently the congressman for El Paso, Texas, and is running against Ted Cruz for his Senate seat in the 2018 midterms. The young, energetic O’Rourke is traveling all around the state of Texas to visit each of its 200+ counties. Read more about the group on Wikipedia.

He was in rural Texas when asked about NFL players taking a knee during the national anthem. An elderly gentleman expressed his concern that NFL players were disrespecting the military with their protest. O’Rourke disagreed with the man and explained why. He went on a passionate rant about the hardships of minorities through the history of the United States and the long-standing advantages of using nonviolent protest for social change.

The video has spread all over the Internet and has made Beto O’Rourke a promising new figure in the Democratic Party. And a recent poll shows that the congressman from El Paso is nipping at the heels of incumbent Ted Cruz. Nobody thought that the race could be won, but End Citizens United has thrown all of its weight behind O’Rourke because they believe in him.


The political action committee and O’Rourke are on the same page about Citizens United. The Supreme Court ruled that corporations are people back in 2010 as five conservative justices agreed that companies have First Amendment protections. The decision now allows large businesses to spend as much money as they’d like during election cycles through intermediary political action committees.

Beto O’Rourke and End Citizens United want to end Citizens United for good. And it’s highly likely that O’Rourke will keep his promise because he takes no monies from companies or corporations. He is solely funded by like-minded individuals making small donations. He is truly a champion of the people.

This is part of End Citizens United’s larger goal to wipe the decision off the face of the earth. They are backing candidates, policing Republican campaign finance around the country and working with local officials to change campaign finance laws. Learn more about the group on Crunchbase.

Deirdre Baggot: Why She Is a Respectable Career Woman

When America is mentioned, many people have many good things to associate it with or say about it. It’s a country that has produced many successful professionals and great business people. The country has a good environment for women who want to enhance their careers to the highest level. Deirdre Baggot is among the women who have succeeded in their careers in this great country. The Washington-based career woman lives in a city called Seattle. She went to Southern Illinois University where she studied nursing. She had always desired to be in the medical field, and this is what she achieved.

If you are still passionate about something, Baggot has discovered that you don’t have to give up on it when things seem not to work. Her appetite for education didn’t end at Southern Illinois University. She also went to Pennsylvania University in Philadelphia for his executive leadership certificate in healthcare. Baggot also went to the school of business in Loyola University for his business administration master’s degree. Although there are many honed career women in the country, Baggot could probably be on top. She went to the University of Colorado for her master’s degree in nursing and graduated with a Ph.D. from the same university. View Deirdre Baggot’s profile on Linkedin

Everyone great has a journey behind them. For about six years, Baggot was a practice leader at the Camden Group. She also served as the vice president in this place. Previously, Deirdre Baggot was in the academic healthcare for about ten years where she got most of her healthcare skills and experience. Baggot has worked for the health system of the Michigan University, and she has also worked at the Northwestern Memorial Hospital. The key leadership positions she has held in the healthcare industry have made her who she is today.

The Centers for Medicare has sought help from her as an expert reviewer. She carried out the 2012 care initiative of the Medicaid services meant for the payments of bundles. She featured at the morning edition on Nation Public Radio. The Acute Care Episode took Deirdre Baggot to help improve how the bundled-payment used to be done. Various national and international organizations have benefited from her great skills and knowledge.

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Jennifer Walden offers caring, compassionate and empathetic care for her clients

Plastic surgery is ultimately an elective procedure. Because it is seen as elective few, if any, insurance companies will pay for it. When insurance companies do pay for it, there are usually exceptional circumstances involved. Doctor Jennifer Walden knows all about this, and she also knows something that many of her competitors do not. She knows and can understand on a personal level what most of her patients go through. Because she is a female, she knows these things in a way many of her male competitors cannot. What she can provide is empathy for her patients.

While it is a good thing for surgeons to not have too much empathy for their clients, all patients want people who can provide appropriate care. It helps when a doctor knows what a patient is going through in addition to providing sympathy. The patients who come into her office often have born children and are raising families. As a mother herself, Doctor Walden knows what it takes to raise children, and she knows how challenging societal expectations of beauty can be.

She offers competitive prices. Most of the surgeries she offers run between $10,00 to $20,00 dollars. Walden performs tummy tucks, breast augmentations, breast reductions and rhinoplasty among other services. For a female patient who wants someone who understands, this plastic surgeon from Texas might be the best option. As a Texan, she also knows how to offer friendly service and warm hospitality. Someone who needs her services has few better options.

Mrs. Betsy DeVos: A True Reformer

When Betsy DeVos was at Calvin College, she was an active member of campus politics. Since that time, she has been actively involved in a wide range of campaigns, party organizations, and political committees. This includes serving as the chairman for the Michigan Republican Party for six years. One thing is for certain, Mrs. DeVos is a reformer. Her husband is also involved in politics and was a candidate for the Governor of Michigan in 2006. Mr. DeVos is also the former president of Amway as well as the former president of the Orlando Magic.


The power couple works to create solutions to a variety of social problems. Mrs. DeVos and her husband founded the Windquest Group in 1989. This is a private, multi-company organization that focuses on manufacturing, technology, and clean energy. Mrs. DeVos is the chairman of the Widquest Group among many other nonprofit roles. She is also the chairman of the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation and a member of numerous local and national boards that include the DeVos Institute for Arts Management at the Kennedy Center, Kids Hope USA, the Foundation for Excellence in Education, and more. She is also the chairman of the American Federation for Children (AFC) as well as the Alliance for School Choice.


During an interview with Mrs. DeVos, she explained that she is an advocate for school choice because she believes that children shouldn’t be limited to a certain school based on their zip code. She is also in favor of homeschooling. According to Mrs. DeVos, homeschooling gives parents the chance to take control of their children’s education. When asked of her greatest achievements, she explained the Florida tax-credit scholarship program has allowed more than 50,000 students in Florida to attend the school of their families choice.


Mrs. DeVos continues to help further expand charter schools. She joined First Lady Trump and Queen Rania of Jordan in Washington to visit an all-girls charter school. She also visited Florida and appeared with famous rapper Pitbull at the charter school he founded in Miami. Mrs. DeVos believes in using vouchers and tax-credits to give children the ability to attend charter or private schools. She also advocates for virtual schools and magnet schools. Her hard for toward educational reform is only one reason President Trump appointed her to the position of the United States Secretary of Education, and she will continue to work hard to give parents more educational choices to help their children succeed.


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A Look At Some Of Fagali Island’s Top Attractions

When people want to visit Fagali Island, one of the two main islands that make up the nation of Samoa, they, of course, want to get the most out of their experience. There are many attractions to visit of all different types. This is a list of some of these attractions submitted in order to help tourists out before they leave on their vacation.

If you want to party while you’re on Fagali Island a great choice is Club X. This nightclub, in the capital of Apia, is a really fun place to hang out, drink, and enjoy good music. They have the lasted audio and visual tech installed in Club X and feature a broad range of music such as house, classic rock, reggaeton, and rhythm and blues. This is a fun place to go whether you are single or enjoying the place as a couple.


For those who want to explore the nature side of Fagali Island, they can’t go wrong with Rainforest Runaway Ecotours. This tour operator takes people to parts of the island that most tourists never experience. They take people to secluded and hidden-away beaches that others miss. The tours in Fagali are guided by local experts who know the island like the back of their hand and can share information on culture and wildlife that makes these tours unforgettable.

The traditional Polynesian cuisine features fresh tropical fruits, root vegetables like taro, pork, chicken, and seafood. There are many restaurants on Fagali Island where tourists can buy authentic food at reasonable prices. One of the best authentic restaurants on the island is Royalty Lodge according to This restaurant faces the ocean beach on one side and the beautiful rainforest with waterfalls on the other. Their specialties include seafood dishes featuring snapper, tuna, octopus, and more. It is just 5 minutes outside of Apia but feels very seclusive.

No matter what type of vacation you desire you can find it on Fagali Island. It’s a great vacation spot for single people, honeymooners, older married couples, and families to enjoy. It’s the perfect getaway where you can leave your everyday cares behind.

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Whitney Wolfe Changes Dating

Whitney Wolfe is changing the way that people date. Whitney Wolfe is the founder and the CEO of the Bumble app. Bumble is a dating app that allows women to initiate the contact with a person they are interested in. This is the only dating app where women can be in full control. By 2017, this app had 11 million users.

This is not the first dating app that Whitney Wolfe helped to develop. In 2012, Whitney Wolfe helped develop the Tinder app. This app was a big hit and Whiney knew where her career was going to be. Whiney did not stay with the company. There were allegations of sexual harassment but they were settled. Visit on her twitter for more updates.

Whitney Wolfe attended the Southern Methodist University where she got her degree in International Studies. She was an entrepreneur since her college days. While is school she sold bamboo totes. She even partnered up at this time to help form a non-profit group called the Help Us Project. Nichole Richie was photographed holding one of the bags and they became an international hit.

Due to her development of the dating apps Wolfe was named one of the 30 Most Inspirational Women Under 30. She also made the Forbes 30 under 30 list for her work. Currently the app is valued at $1.5 billion.

Wolfe felt that women needed to take more control of their life including those they wanted to date. That is where the idea of Bumble came from. The women on this site get to decide who they want to talk to. They are the ones that initiate the messaging and according to the millions of users, the women like to be in control. Wolfe has enjoyed success in the world of dating apps and at this point she has a very successful career in app development.



Ted Bauman Speaking At Total Wealth Symposium

Banyan Hill Publishing showcases content created from analysts that are experienced and knowledge about the financial world. The writers and editors for this online company create articles that interested readers who are seeking out information on investments. Ted Bauman works as an editor for Banyan Hill Publishing. His content attracts both beginner and veteran investors. His multiple newsletters discuss many of the stocks and markets and lucrative investments available for investors. Additionally, he always writes to his readers the exact strategies to see hefty returns from their investments.

Ted Bauman has garnered so much attention from his newsletters he has been asked to speak at Total Wealth Symposium. While he speaks at the financial and wealth conference, he will be sharing the exact tools from his newsletters he instills into readers. He will be taking the stage with former colleague Paul Mampilly, as well as other financial leaders.

Total Wealth Symposium is a conference that takes place every year where people interested in creating wealth for themselves gather to discuss the latest trends about the world. Various topics are discussed like stocks and markets and other forms of investments. Currencies and options come in the discussions. Commodities and energy related services are spoken about from speakers. A wide array of ways people can create income for themselves is discussed.

Investors travel from all parts of the United States to Total Wealth Symposium. This year investors will hear about the many ways they increase their income by using the tips provided by Ted Bauman. Many of these investors are new to investing. So, from the information provided by the speakers they learn of opportunities to increase their wealth for the first time. Speakers try to give a variety of points to investors. They speak on new and untraditional ways for people to create income for themselves. The speakers try to emphasize that investing in the markets is one of the best ways to achieve millionaire status. Ted Bauman is very interested in teaching these attendees about cryptocurrencies and how to make lucrative streams of income from this new kind of market. Ted Bauman Explains 3 Possible Stock Market Crash Outcomes