What Makes A Good Entrepreneur?

Success, significant and satisfaction are the key elements which will never miss in an organization’s objectives, goals or vision. To achieve these, competent entrepreneurs are needed. A driving force is needed for development to take place in any organization. Creativity, risk-taking, innovativeness, and decision making are some of the skills for a good manager who values expansion of his industry.

Who is Kenneth Goodgame?

Kenneth Goodgame is a sales and marketing expert. He has been successful in the expansion of the global market. Kenneth has helped several organizations to realize their goals through guidance. He provides consultation to business people. Kenneth has been successful in most operations he has carried out. He has served as a manager in several different firms where he has been able to display excellent managerial skills. His ability to problem solving is the secret behind his achievements. Solving a problem is paving the way to success. One of his visible success is seen in True Value Hardware organization, a firm where he became the Chief Marketing Officer in 2013.

He has helped the organization to achieve its objectives through the realization of huge returns. He has good marketing skills which helped the organization to make large sales. He is innovative, creative, experienced and has sound knowledge of the company and the customers. Kenneth is well informed of the backstage and front stage processes of the enterprise. This is important because it has helped him to maintain employer-employee and company-customers relationships. Most employees know him for his long-term vision and enormous contributions to several marketing organizations.

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Diversant’s Success Under The Stewardship Of John Goullet

Diversant is the fastest growing African-American IT connection company. It is known for its excellent in providing IT staffing services. The minority owned company offers diverse IT staffing services including direct hire, IT staff augmentation and unique diversity solutions. Diversant offers free professional training and connects highly trained IT specialists with the leading Fortune 500 companies. The IT Staffing Company has over 1,000 contracts. Over the years, it has earned trust from its partners. It is regarded as the perfect IT Consultant Company. Job seekers, beginners or experienced, are attracted to the firm given that they have the freedom to choose where they wish to work and enjoy other benefits.

Diversant operates under its guiding principles that ensure total delivery of services to the clients. They strongly believe that diversity plays a significant role in enhancing success at the company. The company enjoys the fruits of cohesion, courtesy of its diverse workforce. They highly observe discipline within the company. In addition, the employees provide sound advice to their clients besides observing integrity. Serving a diverse set of companies has also enhanced the company’s creative thinking, innovation and creative solutions to the clients’ concerns. Diversant has the strongest leadership team, which has introduced transformative ideas to the company. This information was originally mentioned on Diversant’s website as provided in the following link http://www.diversant.com/

John Goullet is a successful entrepreneur who has created several successful firms in the field of IT. He is the principal of Diversant. In 1994, he established Info Technologies, Inc., where he served as the chief executive officer. Through his IT staffing company, John Goullet studied the corporate market and IT staffing requirements of his customers and developed a unique skill of matching personality and work of consultants. Under his leadership, Info Technologies grew rapidly and won several awards and recognition, including Magazine’s Inc.

Prior to founding Info Technologies, Mr. John Goullet was a computer consultant. Later, he served as an IT staffing account executive officer. In the past, John Goullet worked for Edison, Cap Gemini America, Bridgewater, TSR Consultants and Computer Science Corp. His extensive knowledge in IT staffing has seen him lead Diversant to profitability. He is an alumnus of Ursinus College.

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Leading Video Marketing Solutions by Talk Fusion

2016 has been a remarkable year for Talk Fusion. So far the tech giant received two distinguished tech innovation awards. It’s most outstanding accolade came on the 15th of August. On this date, the firm’s revolutionary Video Chat product was the recipient of the 2016 Communications Solutions Products Award of the Year presented by the Technology Marketing Corporation. The honor resulted from their innovative breakthroughs in facilitating voice, data, and video communications.

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Speaking in a press release, the CEO of TMC, Rich Tehrani referred to Talk Fusion as being real leaders within their industries. He went ahead to describe their products as being the best-of-the-best. Fusion has enabled millions of consumers to seamlessly video chat with anyone, anywhere and on a multitude of devices. Their app is found on the Google Play Store and iTunes stores as well.

Bob Reina, the Founder, and CEO was very optimistic about the future. He revealed how their talented IT team had big plans in the offing. The plans involved developing an All-in-One Video Marketing Solution. All this is line with their grand vision to make the world a happier and a much better place for all using technology. The IT firm always finds a way to stay one step ahead of the rest of the pack in the industry. No wonder they have enjoyed such successes.

Their Chief Technical Office Ryan Page defined their magnificent application as something completely priceless. The twin awards coincided with the launch of WebRTC Recorder and a brand new site, TalkFusionInstantPay.com. The Marketing Solutions Company also released Free Trials. Those milestone achievements have brought a lot of excitement in this particular market. Their consumers and users are bracing themselves for better things to come in the days ahead.

About Talk Fusion

The firm got established in 2007 by the Founder and CEO Bob Reina. Their products are now found in more than 140 countries. The company strives to help businesses increase their revenues. Their initiatives are also aimed at improving customer retention rates. In a nutshell, they personalize communication between enterprises and their clients using videos. Also, the company is a firm believer in giving back. They are currently involved in numerous charitable courses and animal courses.

This article was originally printed and published over at http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/talk-fusion-video-chat-wins-2016-communications-solutions-product-of-the-year-award-300315095.html?tc=eml_cleartime

James Dondero Donates Money

Highland Capital is one of the best investment firms in the country. Every year, the company is recognized for their amazing customer service and support. James Dondero has done a great job leading the company over the past couple of years. If you want to take your finances to the next level, this is a great company to work with. The employees there help thousands of people every year with their financial plans. A lot of people are intimidated by the subject of personal finance. James Dondero is passionate about helping others in this area. He recently was in the news for helping the local area with a donation challenge.

From the time he was in school, James Dondero knew that personal finance was his passion. However, he had trouble figuring out a way to work in the field. He started out as an investment advisor, but this job never really worked out for him. When he started at Highland Capital, he knew that he had found his dream company. He quickly rose through the ranks, and over time he would eventually become the CEO. He says that he is living his dream, and you can tell that he works with great passion. He wants to help as many people as possible with their personal finances, and this is something that a lot of people need help with. That is why Highland Capital has grown so rapidly in recent years.

In the future, James Dondero wants to continue to grow Highland Capital. He recently gave out a challenge to the local Dallas community. He said that if the giving goal was reached, he would donate one million dollars of his own money to the giving campaign. This is a huge gesture to show that he cares about people living in the community who need financial help.

Source: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/james-dondero-announces-1-million-challenge-grant-from-highland-capital-management-to-finish-the-family-places-165-million-capital-campaign-300341376.html

Norka Luque; a musical journey born out of hard work and willpower

Norqa Luque is currently one of the most-talked about music artists in the U.S with Latin origins. Venezuela. She is the voice behind hit singles such as ‘Milagro’ and ‘Tommorowland.’ Through hard work and a never-give-up attitude, the young sensation boasts of a massive following in the U.S and her native home Venezuela.


 Norka Luque was born and brought up in Caracas, Venezuela. Upon finishing her high school studies in Venezuela, she went abroad to France to further her studies. Though she majored in business administration, her passion and interest were cast in music. While in France, she joined a music band and actively exercised her music talents.


This would cause her to travel overseas again, with her destination being the United States. Determined to carve out a career as a music artist, Norka Luque chose to live and pursue her studies in fashion design and culinary arts in Miami. As you are probably aware, Miami is populated with the Spanish and Latin population. Norka’s music career breakthrough came when she joined hands with celebrated Latin music producer Emilio Estefan Jr. After persuading Mr. Estefan Jr. to listen to her music samples, the producer instantly gathered she had talent in plenty. After receiving the support and promotion of the renowned producer, Norka Luque eventually released her maiden single named As You Do It in 2011. The debut single earned her a nominee position for Female Pop Artist of the Year in 2011.


After her highly successful debut single, Norka went on to release her second hit song in 2012. It was named ‘Milagro’ or miracle in English, and it dominated the music charts in the U.S, Puerto Rico, and Venezuela. The song delivers a message of hope meant to encourage those experiencing tough times in life. It remained the number one song in her native Venezuela for almost 4 months in succession. The song infuses a blend of sounds and beats of pop, reggae, rock and roll and even a bit of Mediterranean beats. Archie Pena was the composer of both Norka’s first and second singles. Her latest single is titled Tomorrowland and combines both electro and dance genres.


Norka Luque’s musical journey is a source of motivation to anybody who wishes to accomplish something but doesn’t know where to begin. Indeed, the Latin female sensation can even scale greater heights in the music industry. We can only remain patient to listen to her next music project.

For more about Norka, Please Visit http://www.norkamusic.com/

Madison Street Capital – strong international investment banking firm

The awards are not the unknown factor for this firm that is fully committed to integrity and above all to the leadership category. In the global marketplace, Madison Street Capital is in the raise for the position No.1. If you wonder what are its services, then, carefully take a look on the next lines.

This powerful international investment banking firm offers its services in the following categories: acquisition expertise, highly recommended financial opinions and many others that you can find on benzinga.com.

The client’s goals become Madison Street Capital’s goals

A team of experts that are the part of the Madison Street Capital will give 100% of their energy, talent, creativity, positive energy and reliability to satisfy each client’s preference and wish. Their experience and excellent knowledge are the reason why this firm has become one of the top leaders in the world in its business area. Responsibility is the key factor that differences this international investment banking firm from dozens of others that unquestionably belong to a lower level of quality.

Madison Street Capital hires and maintains only the highly recommended professionals who know their job and for who the client’s goals will become Madison Street Capital’s goals. This is what are we looking for -the 100% dedication not only to work but to client’s goals as well.

Definitely No.1

Madison Street Capital is the right choice because they have on their side professionals who know that careful made analysis and precisely created recommendations are the key factor in this business field. For any business owner who is looking for acquisitions or who simply wants to work on business selling, this firm with a history is a right choice. If you are seeking for financial opinion services don’t hesitate to contact them and ask for appropriate capital analyzes or any other question that interests you.

It is not all about money

Sincerely dedication to work and endless passion are not the only way to describe Madison Street Capital. Above all, they seek for a way to help the others to become more successful, so it is very important to mention that in this firm it is not all about money, because they are giving philanthropic support to many smaller companies and associations, who need help. They are not on the local level, it is totally the opposite way – Madison Street Capital are creating a new type of strong international banking field of business, where isn’t all about money but respect and philanthropic dedication come first.

Brain Bonar Receives Professional Award

Brian Bonar was recently named Cambridge Who’s Who Executive of The Year in Finance. Mr. Bonar is the Chairman and CEO of Dalrada Financial Corporation. People recognized by Cambridge Who’s Who is an honor that is well deserved.

The award winners are chosen by a selection committee based on a combination of professional accomplishments, leadership abilities, and academic achievements.

Earning an award of this nature says a lot about the winners. Dedication to their profession and the hard work needed for success are common traits that many of these award winners display.

The Cambridge committee is focused on selecting people who have demonstrated rare qualities that have allowed them to set themselves apart in their chosen profession.

Brian Bonar is an excellent example of the characteristics that make up a Cambridge Who’s Who Executive of The Year award winner.

Mr. Bonar has almost 30 years of experience within the financial sector. He is well educated and has proven his leadership ability through many years of service in key management positions.

For over a decade, Brian has served well as the Chairman and CEO of Dalrada Financial Corporation. As the Chairman and CEO, Mr. Bonar is responsible for a wide range of employee and employer related benefits and products.

Dalrada Financial Corporation is a company that provides services to PEO businesses. The company supplies a variety of employee programs that increase business efficiency for the clients that the company serves. The programs generally involve employee benefits, risk management insurance, financial management, and business management services.

In addition to being the Chairman and CEO of Dalrada Financial Corporation, Mr. Bonar also serves as the Chairman and CEO of Smart-Tek Automated Services and is the President of Allegiant Professional Business Service.

Brian Bonar holds a Ph.D. and is affiliated professionally with the American Finance Association. A combination of education, leadership, and professional success have given Brian Bonar the opportunity to serve in key roles at numerous companies during his professional career.

The naming of Mr. Bonar as a winner of the Cambridge Who’s Who Executive of The Year in Finance is just a glowing example of the mark that Brian Bonar has made in the financial sector.

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Securus’ JLG Technologies Pioneers Prison Surveillance of Convicts’ Contacts

Securus‘ JLG Technologies has long been considered an industry innovator of surveillance equipment for prisons. Their most recent software, Investigator Pro™ 4.0, is a voice recognition program that allows the surveillance officer to automatically scan all voice patterns during an inmate’s phone call, including the party whom the inmate is contacting. The entire system is then cross-checked for any other inmates who may be in contact with the same outside voice, during their phone calls. Alas, patterns can be quickly identified and further crimes can be subsequently averted. This software is considered by the company to constitute a major improvement over the past method of simple cataloging of inmate personal identification (PIN) codes before allowing phone calls.


Information that can be garnered by voice recognition includes a plethora of important items. Former inmate’s voices are immediately recognized by the system, helping prevent outside orchestration of crimes behind bars. Furthermore, such searchable voice characteristics can be combined with other analysis methods, including high-interest group network monitoring and sophisticated projections of potential crimes outside the prison, being influenced from within. While some critics believe that Investigator Pro is simply an unnecessary addition of costly prisoner surveillance, the chief operating officer of JLG Technologies, Michael Kester, excellently summarized the programs multifaceted capabilities by stating, “Investigator Pro helps investigators uncover gang-related, high-interest and other potentially nefarious activities by identifying called parties by voice.”

FreedomPop Is Always The Best Choice For Phone Service At A Low Price

Unless a person has intimate knowledge about a company, they may not know about all of the services that the company provides. Those who don’t know about FreedomPop can feel free to read more about FreedomPop to explore the different services that they offer, but purchasing the services may be the only way for them to truly be able to testify about how great the services are. One of the first services that were ever provided by FreedomPop is the free cell phone service, which has been a great benefits to many who may not be financially able to pay for unlimited cell phone service.

Since FreedomPop started as a company, they’ve been offering free cell phone service and also graduated to adding unlimited cell phone service to their sales for as low as $20 per month. Even though the free cell phone service gives 200 minutes of talk time and 500 text messages as well as 500 MB of data, additional talk, text, and data can be added to any plan. Those that choose the unlimited plan for $20 can add additional 4G LTE data to the plan if they want it, and the fee is five dollars additional for each gigabyte of 4G LTE data.

Additional services can be added to any cell phone service plan from FreedomPop, including additional 4G LTE data, international calling, call blocking, and many other features. Many people look into the international calling plan because it’s low in price and allows them to speak with family members from around the world. Many other cell phone companies will charge a fee per minute each time a person makes a call from the cell phone to an international destination, but FreedomPop has great plans that are very low in cost for international calling.

Those who feel the need for Internet service can also benefit greatly from FreedomPop because they have Wi-Fi services, home Internet services, and portable hotspots available. The portable hotspots will boast 500 MB of free data every month and can be taken anywhere to access 4G LTE data. The home Internet service will boast 1 GB of free data every month and can have speeds up to 4G LTE. The Wi-Fi service costs five dollars on a monthly basis and is available in over 10 million different hotspots, but the FreedomPop Wi-Fi application must be obtained to access the Wi-Fi service. Learn more from this review.

Reference Links: https://www.cnet.com/news/free-phone-service-freedompop-unveils-20-dollar-unlimited-plan/

IAP Worldwide Logistic Company

IAP is an international Logistics company that offers management facilities and professional technical services. The company offers solutions to both private and public clients across the world. The companies have employed over 2000 skilled employees in more than 25 across the world. About a third of the IAP are veterans. The motive of hiring veterans to work for the company is to ensure there no issues with leadership and offer qualities services and products exceeding the clients’ needs.

The decision to hire veterans to be a part of the company seems to be working just fine as more customer’s feedback of the service they receive has been positive. Also, management of the company has not been tough since veterans are disciplined and this has kept the company ahead of all other logistics company in the world. In the year 2014, IAP Worldwide Services was acknowledged as the Veteran Company of the year.

IAP Worldwide hires a skilled workforce to ensure that the quality of the services they offer satisfies the clients. The company has employed a team that handles and solves critical problems. The team is flexible, creative and responsive.

Learn more about IAP Worldwide Services: IAP: Home

Other than meeting the needs of their clients, IAP Worldwide also focuses on making the world a better place by conserving the environment and strictly following the laws set up by the government on issues related to the environment like having all the buildings that the company owns certified by LEED. Examination of the projects before they kick-off so as find out whether it has an adverse impact on the environment and to the community living in the where they are to carry out a project. If the project has an impact, they find a way to avoid the impact.

IAP Worldwide Logistics Company also partners with other worldwide organization to better the lives of different communities as a way of giving back. Just recently the company partnered with United Way of Brevard, and they raised about $45000 to fund schools with the aim of improving the level of literacy in communities. IAP Worldwide has also been involved in other acts of charity to support less fortunate families in different communities.

According to the company’s performance and customer feedback and reviews, IAP Worldwide Services is the best logistics company. It has an extensive list of achievements. One of them being great customer relationship and also employer to employee relation.